Three liters of water a day - and you are under 10 years!
 Beauty editors of the British edition DailyMail pleased with another way to look younger for 10 years. Read the story of the incredible rejuvenation without any injections and expensive procedures.

Of course, everyone knows that the day should drink at least 8 glasses of water. Say you get? Cup of tea in the morning, a glass of water before dinner, and a couple of cups of flower tea in the evening in front of TV - perhaps this is the water diet of most women. That is, even the recommended one and a half liters is not reached. And what about the recipe, which was opened by the British. They advise to rejuvenating effect drink 3 liters of water a day!

Look at yourself in the mirror
The story in question - a good reason to start the course over the other. Look at yourself in the mirror. As you look without makeup? A simple test: pay attention to the state of his lips. Wrinkled, dry and full lips - a sign that you are lacking moisture.

Water is important for all body systems. It flushes toxins out of vital organs, carries nutrients to the cells and helps to get rid of waste and provides a moist environment for all tissues of the body. If you do not drink enough, it means that all of these functions disrupted. In addition, just imagine: the toxins are not flushed out in the urine, and are absorbed back into the blood!

The story of Sarah
Sarah, the heroine of reportage, a few years suffered from headaches and poor digestion. The woman decided to consult a doctor, a nutritionist and a neurologist came to a general recommendation: Sarah should drink at least 3 liters of water a day to organize the work of the whole organism.

42-year-old woman really wanted to get rid of problems, so I decided to strictly follow the advice of experts. At least a month. And then see what happens. The result exceeded all expectations!

Sarah admits that before the experiment looked older than his age: dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles, red spots, dull and gray skin ... "I could give all of 52 years old, instead of 42! "- Says Sarah.

 Three liters of water a day - and you are under 10 years!
Sarah before and after the experiment

So, Sarah set a target of 4 weeks (28 days) required to drink 3 liters a day. And what came of it.

Week One
Weight: 54 kg
Waist: 71 cm

Sara shared all the liquid into three parts. So it was easier, because once put on the table a three-liter jar with water and try to drink it was psychologically difficult. So, she drank a liter in the morning, another liter - in the middle of the day, and the third - for the evening.

The first result was the first day - especially sluggish intestines became more alive. Although, of course, frequent trips to the bathroom. The second result came a few days later, when Sarah found that urine color was light, not dark-yellow as it was before.

The skin is not happy, on the contrary, there were red stains. Possibly, this effect of toxins.

Sarah is now drinking more tea, but alcohol is allowed herself only one time during the week - a glass of wine at a meeting with friends. The fact that the alcohol is a diuretic drink, and it displays the body 4 times more liquid than other fluids. Sarah this effect was not necessary. Moreover, she found a way out - to dilute the wine with water.

Sarah noticed already in the first week that yoga in the morning began to give her a lot easier - Improved flexibility of the body. And this is confirmed by physicians, they often say that good hydration - it's good joints.

Week Two
Weight: 53, 5 kg (- 0, 5 kg)
Waist: 71 cm

Stains on the face of diminished as dark circles under the eyes, they became much smaller. The complexion and skin tone becomes smoother. But while there are wrinkles under his eyes. Surrounding began to notice that Sarah looks better, the skin became clearer.

Sarah drank half a liter of waking in the morning, half a liter of breakfast, half a liter in the afternoon, half a liter of the day, even for half a liter at dinner and at bedtime.

The difficulty is that you need to constantly carry a bottle of water. And yet look toilets, if you have to leave the house. 3 hours shopping Sarah withdraws 5 times.

Because the good news: the heroine had no headaches for a week, the gut works better, and my husband said that cellulite disappear from your hips.

Women expect that a large amount of water will make it a huge belly and puffed, but it was exactly the opposite: the stomach became flat and fit.

 Three liters of water a day - and you are under 10 years!

Week Three
Weight: 53, 5 kg
Waistline: 69, 8 cm

Dark circles under the eyes and wrinkles have almost disappeared, and the skin looks plump and healthy. No more feeling of dry eyes in the morning.

Sarah began to notice and some weight loss, she began to eat less, and even snacks are not drawn.

 Three liters of water a day - and you are under 10 years!

Week Four
Weight: 53 kg (more minus 0, 5 kg)
Waist: 68, 5 cm

The difference is huge. And believe it really difficult. Sarah, of course, decided to continue to drink a day for 3 liters of water.

"I looked like a woman! "- She rejoices. On the face of no more wrinkles, spots. It is fresh and appealing. Sarah became younger and thinner - is not that a great example for all of us?

 Three liters of water a day - and you are under 10 years!

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Author: Julia Gnedina