Anti-aging products: the bare facts
 It seems that anti-aging agents occupy important place among manufacturers of cosmetic products. One of the three women of Great Britain and Northern Ireland at the age of 30 use creams, slows the aging process.

You look in the mirror every morning and frown at the sight of wrinkles? You are not alone in this. In 2002 we spent £ 652 million on anti-aging agent, and was conducted 72,000 cosmetic surgeries.

But what is the reason? Answer - promotion of youth, thanks to which we are beginning to be disappointed in her appearance, if the age of thirty has moved abroad.

While for men, one - two wrinkles - is a kind of hardening harkter, these women wrinkles bring an unpleasant reminder of the age. But there are ways to prevent them in the first stage?

"At the same time the genetic influence on the aging process plays an important role and your life style" - says Dr. Nicholas Love conference Royal Society of Medicine. "About 30% influenced by genetics, all the rest - the adverse effects of the sun, tobacco, and other environmental factors and lifestyle"

What about anti-aging creams? We spend money for nothing, or really can rely on the result?

The answer is: ingredients found in the composition of many anti-aging creams that have proven effective.

Vitamin A reduces wrinkles, thanks to its stimulating effect, which makes wrinkles less deep.

Vitamin C produces a brilliant effect, as it can help the production of collagen.

Acids (AHAs or fruit acids) improve the appearance of the skin, improving exfoliation of dead cells.

Retinoids - substances that speed up the recovery process of the skin, protecting it.

A month or two after use, the skin becomes smoother and wrinkles are reduced, and six months later the result will be, you wanted. If you discontinue use, the skin returns to its previous state.

The effect does not apply to deep wrinkles and veins.

If the cream contains the above substances, while in theory it should work in a specific pattern

What is the scheme? One of the magazine has decided to conduct a study. It was selected 12 ordinary moisturizers, and 12 anti-aging creams. Groups of four women examined the effect of each product for four weeks. None of the 96 women did not know what kind of product it is used, and at the end of the test, they were asked to guess what they used: simple or anti-aging cream.

And research has shown that the same? It became clear that products containing a small amount of special materials, bring the same results as a normal moisturizer.

"There is no miracle ingredient that will reset your age - Said Gisel world specialist in cosmetics and founder of Mir. "The only miracle is that the cosmetics industry slows down the aging process. However, I believe that many of these tools accelerate aging rather than to prevent it. "

"Retinoids irritate the skin, so that perhaps the appearance of dryness and flaking, redness and sometimes swelling. Some experts believe that retinoids smooth wrinkles due to adverse effects on the skin "

"AHA acids also are irritants and cause the appearance of various red spots on his face."

"We do not give a 100% guarantee that these products will protect and get rid of wrinkles without causing any harm to the skin of the face," - says the World. "In recent years, increased sensitivity of the skin, in my opinion, it is the fault of cosmetics. Only some anti-aging creams contain vitamins, but these products are very small. You can be pretty sure that your diet contains the right balance of minerals and vitamins will be more useful to your body. "

Whatever you decide for yourself, remember that most importantly - a balanced diet, finding out of the sun and smoky places. It is more important than the use of expensive medications.