Calendar of Beauty and Health February 2011
 When to go to the barber shop, and when will be held the most painless hair removal? Are there days in the month, when parting with excess weight will be easy and without any problems? These and other questions are answered by our monthly calendar of beauty.

Visit beautician
For procedures that aim to nutrition and hydration of the skin, it is best to choose a time of 1-8 or 25-27 of February.
To carry out cleaning procedures to eliminate obvious defects of the skin of 10-24 February.
February 21 and 22 will require extreme caution and moderation in decorative make-up,
23 through February 25, we try not to disturb the neck and chest.

Hair removal
Recommended days: 12, 13, 17-23 of February.
It is not advisable: 1-11, 24-28 February.
Absolutely can not: February 14-16.

Featured days 2-3, 12, 13, 17-21 of February.
Not recommended: February 4-7.
Extreme caution with any cutting instruments should show 1, 27 and 28 February.

 Calendar of Beauty and Health February 2011
Recommended days: 4, 5, 13, 14 and 15 of February.
From refuse procedures: 1, 18, 19, 20, 27 February.

Dental recommendations
The optimal days for the removal of tartar: 11-18, February 22-24.
To replace the seals and prosthetics: 11-18, February 22-24.
Treatment and preventive procedures desirable from 11-24 February.
It is not desirable for the days of visiting the dentist: 19-21 February.
From any dental treatment should refrain: 19-21 February (except in cases requiring urgent intervention).

 Calendar of Beauty and Health February 2011
Massage for the purpose of relaxation, relief of seizures is best carried out in February 10-24.
Removing nervous tension - February 4-5.

Diet and Weight Loss
In the period from February 1-8 is quite possible to lose weight, you just eat food moderately.
9 and 10 February is useful to arrange fasting days.
In the period 11-24 February, recommended not to overeat.
February 25-26 shows fruit-juice diet.

 Calendar of Beauty and Health February 2011
 A visit to the hairdresser
Not recommended: 8, 9, 24 February 28
Strongly recommended: 5, 14, 19
Particularly successful are haircuts, made 2, 6, 10, 15, 18, 21, 22, February 25.

Health in February 2011 :

1st of February   - Vulnerable skin, there is a risk of allergy. It is not recommended to drink plenty of fluids. Alcohol and drugs possibly eliminate.

February 2   - Should postpone operations on the senses. There is a possibility of a fungal disease.

February 3   - There is a surge of physical energy, but do not overwork either physically or mentally. It is recommended to drink plenty of clean water.

February 4   - Fundus becomes weak, suffer from headaches. Contraindicated visits to the dentist.

February 5   - Vulnerable throat and his whole system, so you should abstain from soft drinks. We advise to carefully monitor the quality of products, there is a possibility of poisoning.

February 6   - Excludes all surgical procedures, apart from abdominal surgery.

February 7th   - Recommended a light diet, starvation possible.

February 8th   - Contraindicated for surgery on the lungs and bronchi, except for unforeseen events. Showing conduct blood-purifying procedure.

February 9   - Exacerbation of pain in the arms and shoulders. Perhaps the difficulty breathing and shortness of breath.

February 10   - Not recommended abdominal surgery. Aggravation of pain in the stomach.

11 February   - Contraindicated the use of alcohol and drugs as possible. A good result of operations on his legs.

12th of February   - High risk of heart attacks and strokes. It is advisable to refrain from unnecessary worry.

February 13   - Eliminate all surgery except in an emergency.

The 14th of February   - Banned abdominal surgery. Highly vulnerable gastrointestinal tract.

February, 15   - A favorable period for the treatment of skin diseases. Very effective treatments.

February 16   - Cleaning with hepatic, and hematopoietic systems. It is necessary to adjust the quality of food.

February 17   - People who suffer from diabetes and pancreatitis have to be careful. Possible worsening of the disease.

February 18   - Pay attention to gynecological diseases, the possibility of acute hemorrhoids.

February 19   - Possibly eliminate surgery, except in an emergency.

February 20th   - Very vulnerable area of ​​the abdominal cavity, possible exacerbation of diseases of the colon.

February 21   - All very effective breathing treatments, there is a possibility of exacerbation of the back and joints.

February 22   - It is possible aggravation of the sciatic nerve, vein disease.

February 23   - A good time for compresses, for both treatment and prophylaxis. Exacerbation knees.

24 February   - Not recommended to visit dentists and all dental treatment procedures. Effective treatment of ulcers and gastritis.

25 February   - Contraindicated, all operations on the joints. Vulnerable ligaments and joints.

February 26   - Well affect the body all forms of hardening.

February 27   - It is recommended not to overtax your eyes, possible worsening of eye disease.

28th of February   - Not recommended to drink plenty of fluids, including alcohol. There is a possibility of allergies.
Author: Julia Gnedina