50 years - a new youth!
 Recently I caught the eye of a glossy headline "50 - is the new 16". Looking at some of the stars have to agree with this statement, which is still some 10-15 years ago would be perceived as a bad joke. Women of the world look younger! And it can not but rejoice. Who does not want to meet her a second youth!

Anti-aging secrets, in fact, not so much. Drink plenty of fluids, eat fruits and vegetables, to the best move ... As for skin care, it still remains the most working most affordable and familiar to many generations of women receptions. Even with the use of hardware cosmetology and Botox do not forget about the simple beauty secrets penny. They are divided into the most beautiful woman in the world who are over 50.

Volume and thick hair - a sign of youth

So experts agree with these men. And so often considered women with good hair among young beauties. A great example - Christie Brinkley. Can you believe that she is already 60? This is true. The former model and cover girl of the cult publication Sports Illustrated is still in the list of the most desirable women in the world.

Of course, over the way her young job surgery, expensive salon treatments ... This model is silent. But there is one of the techniques with which Christie's openly divided - this is the secret of her beautiful hair volume. Star does not hesitate to make use of overhead strands (by the way, it has its own production line for pryadok with clips) to mask thinning and loss of volume of the hair.

 50 years - a new youth!

A second secret Christie - a brow. After all, they, too, become thinner and lose hair with age. So be sure to pay attention to not only the amount of hair, and the hairs on the eyebrows. While they are pigmented and thick, you look younger. "Therefore, always fill eyebrow pencil or shadow, is a young," - quoted journalists tips Brinkley People.

Sun protection - protection against wrinkles

Confirmation gives the 53-year-old Julianne Moore. The actress was always afraid of sunlight, because her very pale skin with freckles, red and irritated immediately as soon as the sun falls under. Such a reaction is tormented with her youth, and the only salvation was the sunscreen. Julianne started to use this tool with 23 years, and it seems that the efforts have paid off. Now thin pink skin Moore - sample lifting.

 50 years - a new youth!

By the way, the panic fear of sunlight taught actress and other good habits, for example, in the summer always wear a hat or a scarf ... and walk on the shady side of the street. This she told the Huffington Post.

You say, "Genetics"? But the good genetics goes not rare, but boast the absence of wrinkles in a 53-year-old can not every woman.

Youth - is not only well-groomed face

It is difficult to argue with this statement, which, by the way, insist many celebrities, surprises with its beauty after 50 years abroad.

When Kim Cattrall became the advertising face of Olay, she generously distributed interview about beauty. And of them can be found a lot of the secret of youth. Like the heroine of the cult actress of "Sex and the City" Samantha Jones, Kim Cattrall drinking detox smoothies every morning, and loves hummus is a fan of exfoliation.

 50 years - a new youth!

No water treatment does not pass without Kim terry gloves. The actress says that necessarily "pass" mitten over his body. The result? It will be seen at once - promising 58-year-old star. - The skin becomes radiant, and you'll immediately feel healthier and fresher. Good advice: do not forget you are on a daily massage, the more that this technique is not worth a dime.

Peeling and moisturizing - the secret of beauty at any age

Halle Berry joined the club of "50+" recently. The luminous and taut facial skin allows her to look at 35. What's the secret of it?

Peeling! Every morning! And then - necessarily a good dose of vitamin C before moisturizer (she uses pure vitamin C in the form of serum). Vitamin C, which is found in abundance in fruits, stimulates the growth of collagen and helps rid the skin of age spots. This ingredient is available is often underestimated us, we do not resort to it every day. And they should, because vitamin C is available and it is very effective. Leather 50-year-old Halle Berry - a vivid example.

 50 years - a new youth!

Another important ingredient for a smooth and shelled skin - lactic acid. It is found in dairy products and milk. And vitamin C, lactic acid and lightens dark spots. So you can replace the serum with pure vitamin C in normal milk. For example, does Cindy Crawford, famous top model of the 1990s, which is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary in a year. It uses only whole milk (not low fat!) And we were advised to do the same thing - this is the newspaper writes «The Doctors».

Take your age and enjoy it

To look young and confident when you're 50 - it is necessary to understand that 50 you - so says the actress Miriam D'Abo (The Telegraph quoted its chief anti-age secret). Remember her in the role of James Bond girl in the movie 1980? And now it has 54.

 50 years - a new youth!

Miriam says that excitement about old age makes us older. A rejuvenates not Botox and anti-aging treatments. She helped meditation, yoga, stress and control over their fears of the age. Yoga relaxes, soothes, gives strength and the ability to love yourself. "My approach to the age changed, I realized that 50 years - this is not the botox and plastic, and filled with the objectives of life." A beautician Mariam only tinted lip gloss and a tube of mascara. And, looking at the stars, it is impossible not to take it the secret of youth.
Author: Julia Shestakova