Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox
 Courteney Cox became a favorite of many young men and women after the first season of "Friends." Then there were the following seasons, and telematics, and the new roles, including chief. All of them are just fans of the actress added. One of the last works of vivid brunette - the main character of the series «Cougar Town».

Zador and beauty Courtney appreciate not only its loyal fans. Not long ago, Courteney Cox announced the face of anti-aging product line of hair Pantene Expert Collection. New products will be available in November this year.

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox

It remains important to know: how to manage the 48-year-old star (Courtney's birthday celebrated June 15) not to lose our interest in it and remain attractive and young actress, mother, woman.

Fitness philosophy Courtney
The actress says this about his main rule: "I have to stay active in life and take pleasure in what I do." Courtney really active, she flirts. She always liked to train. According to her, "it helps to save not only the physical, but also mental health."

Courtney is now trains under the guidance of well-known fitness trainer Tracy Anderson Hollywood. She likes her classes because it is "a constant challenge." Tracy does not allow its customers to relax. Only mastered one exercise or complex - then she prepares something new. Training for the actress Tracey last for half an hour, three times a week. But if she can not attend classes because of the shooting, it still remains without fitness. Courtney - a fan of training on the simulator Power Plate. Do exercises on it at home or in hotel rooms where it is necessary to stop during the filming. Courtney does not miss opportunities to practice, even in periods of very high employment even taking tennis lessons at the weekend, and be sure to include a week in the fitness cardio-load diet.

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox
The Power Plate suggests a variety of load

Diet Courteney Cox
At one time the actress was fond of low-calorie diet. It is also rumored that Courtney follows the rules we have known as the blood group diet. Recently, however, this diet is subject to strong criticism. Principles of diet on blood group is not based on scientific evidence - is now considered among American nutritionists.

But how she manages almost 50 years to maintain a slim figure, one that she was still in the TV series "Friends"? Now Courtney eat properly, according to their age - a low-carb diet. The absence of large amounts of flour and sweet allow not gain fat in problem areas - around the waist and hips. Another secret - Courtney drinks a lot of coconut water and avoid caffeine.

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox

What do the stars in the purse?
On the eve of the release of new products from Pantene, which will be Courteney Cox, increasing interest in beauty-secrets actress. Which cosmetic uses, which makes skin and hair, walks on what procedures?

- The secret of her eyelashes.   If there is some beauty instrument, which Courtney enjoyed every day - so it kurler eyelash curler. My favorite - from Shiseido. And recently, the actress shared with the publication WWD, which had a perm eyelashes, and is very happy. "It saves so much time! - Courtney says the six-month perm for cilia. My favorite mascara - Edward Bess mascara ($ 30 dollars).

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox

- Skin care.   "I think that cleansing and moisturizing - best tips for beauty," - says Courtney. She has a consultant cosmetologist, but she believes the other assistant brush Clarisonic, which helps to keep her skin glowing under the spotlight.

- Make-up.   As for makeup, there is a solid minimalism: pure pink lipstick, blush Stila (1), concealer Laura Mercier (2) and her new love - tone centuries-cream Too Faced beauty balm for $ 32 (3).

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox

- Hair.   Like many of her contemporaries, Courtney 80th fond permed hair. "I always wanted to have curly hair," - says the actress. But now it is for your hair sticks to the philosophy of «scrunch-and-go», that is, to leave the hair in the most natural form - straight, silky, combed.

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox
Advertising of Pantene Expert Collection, which face is selected Courteney Cox

"Think less about what others think of you! "
This phrase Courtney Cox could be for many of us, the motto in moments of doubt and uncertainty. She often says to her daughter. And another says, try to be good people, but not to curry favor with them.

Courteney Cox is now more than ever is full of creative plans. She confesses that he was going to try his hand at directing. What will it be? She likes understandable human history and destiny, and she is now preparing a film based on reality.

And yet Courteney Cox is one of those people who know how to make friends. A good friend - Jennifer Aniston, they, along with the filming of "Friends" is still close and support each other in every way.

After 11 years of marriage, Courteney divorced David Arquette. But both he and she always talk about each other with great warmth. The actress said of David's best friend until now, and David have something to thank Courtney: She was there in the most difficult moments. I fought with him when he was recovering from alcoholism.

 Beauty Secrets from Courteney Cox

Maybe that's the attention to others the secret of its special charm?
Author: Olga Larsen