Beauty Secrets of Penelope Cruz
 Spanish actress Penelope Cruz and model is considered to be one of the most pressing contemporary beauties. Even after the birth of her second child actress demonstrates excellent shape and not be deprived of their sexuality. And the secret of her beauty is not only the inherent attractiveness!

Secret №1. "Dance! "

Penelope says he does not like sports, but prefers to dance. Good to dance to your favorite music - that's what like Penelope! According to her, it was dance classes allow her to remain feminine and attractive. She has been dancing professionally for many years as a youth wanted to associate life with ballet. Her figure and stretching dancer, and Penelope finds it far more attractive than a muscular body and a six-pack of the press. "All the dances - it's incredibly feminine! "- She said. Jogging pace yourself and employment in the gym - it's not for her, but by relaxation on yoga, she does not refuse.

 Beauty Secrets of Penelope Cruz

Secret №2. "Age - not a hindrance! "

Penelope loves himself, and even his age. The fact that she already was forty years old, do not confuse the actress. She does not want to resort to plastic surgery to rejuvenate and prefers to shine naturalness. And rightly so, because what could be better than natural beauty?

Secret №3. "Proper diet, proper nutrition and proper diet again! "

Cruz does not exhaust yourself diets and eats at your pleasure, but wholesome food. She loves Italian and Spanish cuisine, which can boast of cooking with fresh, natural products. After birth, it comes in the form by clicking on a six-power. It consists of a three main meals and three "healthy" snack in between, as proteins, fats and carbohydrates slow distributed in the ratio 1: 1: 2.

 Beauty Secrets of Penelope Cruz

Secret №4. "The right makeup! "

Penelope Cruz is always recognizable by its crown smoky eye makeup with a neat eyeliner. He certainly is very beautiful, but the actress is sure that the most important thing in make-up - choose the one that suits you. So if you are not a Spanish dark-skinned brunette, then you probably should pick a different make-up.

But in everyday life, Penelope advises if you do not give up the makeup, then reduce it to a minimum and flaunt with masterpieces of art makeup on her face only on important occasions.

Secret №5. "Do not refuse to pay! "

The actress likes to be feminine, so often puts on all kinds of dress: the little black, bright and long, but almost always tight. Cruz emphasizes the charm of his figures and hides the flaws it appropriate clothing, which helps her to always shine.

 Beauty Secrets of Penelope Cruz

Secret №6. "Love your hair! "

Chic hair Penelope Cruz - her pride and heartthrob. Actress in any case do not say goodbye to her and did not paint it, so as not to spoil the hair structure. Her experiments with hair limited to changing hairstyles and styling.

Penlopa uses special natural hair mask to keep them in good condition. In the course is the pulp of mangoes, freshly ground coffee, arch syrup, quail eggs and cinnamon. All the ingredients she mixes and distributes the hair, leaving the mixture to soak for an hour. Then she washes away the mask with warm water and delights us with a great result. If you want to take the mask, but are the owner of blond hair, the coffee should be replaced with honey.

Secret №7. "Be yourself! "

Penelope admits that she say a lot of compliments about appearance, but she thinks it's all about charisma. "I want people like what I'm not just my appearance," - says the actress. Well, Penelope, we really love you not only for the extraordinary beauty!

And the main secret of Penelope: Surround yourself with loved ones and be always in a good mood!
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya