Diet Madonna
 What I did not talk about it! Like a youth she makes a regular subcutaneous injection, based on snake venom, so that in his '54 look 34! With three hours every day she spends in the gym, so she can study the elastic body anatomy human muscle! Many consider it blasphemy "devil's spawn" and question her vocal, charging that it captivates the audience extremely shocking. But fans and ardent haters agree on one thing: This woman is incredibly hardy and industrious, so managed to approach old age in great physical shape.

It - it Madonna   (Madonna) - the most commercially prosperous singer sold the largest number of its records of all women in the history of pop music, a woman who since the early 1980s, their appearance, manner of dress, and the images created in video clips, continues to influence young girls. So what is the secret of her enduring appeal? Is it only in the rich sports life?

Of course, the second component of its high vitality and excellent physical fitness is A special power circuit .

Although the singer is often in an interview stressed that never draining your body strict diets or starvation. Yet certain diet queen of pop sticks. He developed this system for Madonna her personal nutritionist Ray Kibartas   (Ray Kybartas).

 Diet Madonna

Major taboo in the diet pop diva №1 - alcohol and caffeine.   And if decaffeinated life lady outrageous, way Madonna is definitely still present it is possible, without alcohol unbridled image of the singer seems to work. But the assurances of the Madonna it much harder to do without sweets than without alcohol. Therefore, fearing disruption of their psychological rabotodatelnitsy Mr. Kibartas graciously allows her from time to time to enjoy your favorite sweet.

The basic rule of diet Madonna is that every meal should withstand the proportion of fats, proteins and carbohydrates 30:30:40 . To make it easier to perceive this proportion, guided that portion of protein foods (chicken, fish, veal, turkey, etc.) in one meal should be about a fist, and the portion of carbohydrates - roughly two fists. Thus, under the carbohydrates, of course, does not imply a starchy flour, pasta, potatoes, bananas, etc. These carbohydrates cause an immediate jump in blood sugar and give a quick, but very short feeling of satiety, which is why very soon you will again begin to experience hunger and desire to eat. Complex carbohydrates - it's fruits, legumes and nuts. They are rich in fiber are digested longer, do not affect the level of sugar in the blood for a long time, and reported a feeling of satiety, and thus relieve you from the harmful temptation of frequent snacking.

The second rule of diet Madonna - not to abandon fats.   But such a ban "sin" many diets. And thus tantalized his supporters hunger, bring to a loss of strength and nervous exhaustion. But fat is fat - discord! So, saturated fats   (those which are solid at room temperature, such as palm and coconut oil), raise cholesterol levels in the blood, resulting in vascular occlusion. Therefore, the presence of these fats in the diet Madonna can not be the question. Moreover, there is no place in the diet of the Madonna transfats   - Substances with artificially altered molecular structure in order to extend the shelf life of the product (most packaged goods on supermarket shelves). Such fats accumulate in the body, may even lead to coronary heart disease, and the same vessel clogging. Only vegetable fats useful for the organism and in moderate amounts. That's why Madonna runs exclusively salads with olive oil and then just barely.

 Diet Madonna

And now try to put together all of these principles in a menu. And that's what we get:

Breakfast Madonna:
2 egg whites,
one apple, orange or peach.

Lunch from Madonna:
1 slice of bread from wheat flour,
turkey breast or chicken, smeared with mayonnaise (not baked under it!).

Dinner from Madonna:
portion of the protein as fish, chicken or lean beef
fresh vegetables,
half baked potato.

In principle, the food, which provides nutritionist Madonna, it is balanced and does not make you feel the any restrictions on food. Thus, there is a psychological component. You are full and do not overload your body of harmful food, thereby not provoke obesity. In combination with physical activity, such a scheme allows you to supply every day to fix the aesthetics of its physical form and leave every week 0, 5 kg of excess weight. So there is nothing stopping you, armed with knowledge of the data, not be worse than the Madonna!
Author: Natalia Hryshko