Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
 How to lose weight the stars? Of course, under the supervision of the best dieticians and nutritionists. Therefore, to take something from their diets for myself not too much. But do not blindly follow the news and notes, opening another sensational diet of some stars. Let's see what we can follow, and nothing - not worth it.

Basically, I do not mind that the stars talk about themselves, about their diets, their beauty secrets. Much of their experience is useful to us, their slender figure and flawless skin condition stimulates and motivates. So, if a rational approach and "do not do you no idols," then obviously there is a benefit. How stars are saved from excess weight? We are interested in the most affordable and simple tips.

Demi Moore
Hollywood star and sexy woman found a way as to indulge in sweets. Her nutritionist told her this recipe useful and low-calorie dessert: apple plus peanut butter.

 Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
   This saving idea, so she called her Demi. In this dessert actress continues to lose weight and keep the weight under control.

Audrina Patridge
This star discovered the miraculous effect of ginger on metabolism. It has built this ingredient in your meal plan and is very happy: but a good metabolism, ginger has an antioxidant effect, which is important for the process of healing and weight loss. Actress advises everyone not to pass by Ginger. By the way, you know that the root of fennel is not inferior to ginger. You dill growing in the beds?

 Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
 Renee Zellweger
The actress follows a simple rule: includes diet ice cubes and cold water. It is a known trick when used cold to burn more calories. Star sleeping in the cold (the body spends more energy at night to keep warm), drinks during the day ice-cold water (the body needs at least 40 calories to warm the water in the digestion), and eating fruit ice or ice cubes with different tastes. The cold - really good calorie burner. Only there is one part of the diet Rene, we can not advise. The fact that Zellweger sometimes do not eat nothing but ice and cold water. That is - a direct path to the depletion of the body, so advice from Renee is a bit reconsider before you turn in your meal plan.

 Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
 Kate Hudson
The secret to her diet - only organic products. She eats a lot, in her own words, but the origin of the organic food does not allow her to recover. And a big fan of sushi, advising his admirers follow her example and lean on Japanese cuisine.

 Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
 Nicole Ritchie
Prescription weight loss from this star should at least alert. Nicole is sometimes practiced pills such magical candy which provide a feeling of satiety without food intake. It seems a good idea - there account for a much smaller weight quickly corrected, no calories. But few people spoke about the side effects of these pills. And among the unpleasant consequences: diarrhea, bloating, nausea. This is especially possible if you do not comply with the instructions in the instructions to such drugs. But the main condition of the consumption of diet pills - a balanced diet, the body needs all the nutrients.

 Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
 Carrie Underwood
This singer lost 4 size. And all this thanks to an absolutely workout routine and balanced diet. But the main secret of the diet - is the presence of a hearty breakfast each day. Alcohol and sugary drinks, she was replaced on green tea and pure water. Just! And what a result!

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer - not only in Hollywood, who are interested in children's food. Yes, yes, it's such a jar with delicious fruit purees and milk mixture. The main argument - the body does not have difficulty digesting solid foods, low calorie and attracts children's meals. But nutritionists warn that meals for children and meals for adults - it's not the same thing. It is necessary to use the principles of child nutrition in some dishes, as in this case, the body gets a lot of water and eating a well-milled. But we can not exclude from the diet of salads and meat (or any protein), without these components the body will break down.

Jessica Biel
Jessica's Secret - has everything you want. Wow dietka - you might say. The fact that Jessica - one of the most athletic actresses in Hollywood, and daily intense exercise - it is a good habit. It helps her and now have the dividends in the form of what you can eat absolutely everything with such intense exertion.

 Diets of stars a lot to learn, and what - is not necessary
 Victoria Beckham
Victoria had a reputation for a long time lover of detox diets and different methods of cleansing the body. Especially before pregnancy. Many celebrities say about losing weight by light laxatives. Manufacturers know this, appeared on the market a wide variety of liquid detox blends that allows you to clean your colon. Everything is fine, except that with the purification of the body are derived nutrients, vitamins, as well as a large amount of moisture. Detox - a good thing, but not more often than once a season. It is especially important not to use laxatives detox formulations at a young age, if you do not want to destroy your health. And remember, you can simply a day to consume at least 8 glasses of water, then the cleaning will be real and natural.
Author: Julia Shestakova