Secrets relaxation of Hollywood celebrities
 The feeling of serene happiness, peace of mind and tranquility of the most beautiful dream - a state, unfortunately, many women are familiar only by hearsay. How to learn to relax quickly and effectively? They share their experience Hollywood celebrities.

Hollywood stars often operate at the limit of their strength and capabilities. Numerous shooting, receptions, presentations, secular parties and workout in the gym have little relevance to persistent psychological comfort. After a busy day, and sometimes their nights, as well as "ordinary people" need only one thing - a fast effective method to get in shape. What celebrities are choosing? Let's see!

Christina Ricci

The talented actress with a magnificent cascade of black hair picks leisure. To improve your mood after a hard day of shooting it includes your favorite player with pulsating music and dances like a wound. As it turns out her - remains a mystery. But the fact that this type of relaxation is reflected in the excellent shape and well-being a celebrity - it's a fact. Nutritionists and trainers for healthy lifestyle are unanimous on one thing - dancing helps burn enough calories to afford moderately sweet life. But scientists note receipt happiness hormone in the blood during the rhythmic body movements. In general, the benefits of dance "in the face"! Dance, dear women!

Britney Spears

On the problems in his personal and professional life of the star known only very far away from show business person. It seems that Britney went through all the circles of hell, before returning to a model shape. In an effort to heal the wounds she practiced yoga, mysticism and even treated at the psychotherapist. But get over it helped another way - gardening. Bright buds of beautiful flowers, blooming marvelous flowers in her garden - and added strength and mood.

Julia Roberts

One of the most charming Hollywood actresses prefer to relax sitting in a chair. No, she does not read romance novels or watching a melodrama with a predictable ending, and clearly and consistently wielding a hook or knitting needles. In the hands of celebrity comes a new masterpiece - creation, which is not ashamed to appear on the red carpet. It is said that such a method of sedation used and other Hollywood stars. So, our best friend Julia - Sarah Jessica Parker and Ashley Simpson are not averse to meet together to talk about the eyelets and ryadochkah. At the same time, and to show new creations.

 Secrets relaxation of Hollywood celebrities

Angelina Jolie

If the previous methods of relaxation, we advise you to try at least once, this extravagant method is recommended not to try again. After all, it is dangerous to life! Angie Star, apparently, so entered the role of superwoman on the set, that does not let her even beyond the limit of the access chambers. Where have you seen a subtle, beautiful, sexy women to seek peace in throwing knives? And Angelina Jolie is looking for, and in the eyes of its own civilian spouse! The latter, by the way, this is not happy but had become accustomed. For a couple of minutes before the start of the course, he memorized the movements of his wife wears "nozheneprobivaemy vest" and then go about their business. Peace and tranquility in the family - first and foremost!

 Secrets relaxation of Hollywood celebrities

Katie Holmes

A method of relaxation former spouse Tom Cruise like women prefer calm life. What could be more pleasant than a delicious meal and a bottle of mineral water while watching the breath-taking blockbuster cute comedy or a good show? However, it should be noted that the technique is important not to abuse Cathy. Still dinner after six in the evening, or simply the desire to "seize" the stress - up to no good arguments. If you do decide to repeat the experience of the Hollywood stars, instead of the sweet carbohydrate desserts prefer fruit mixes and cut fresh vegetables. Take a course on health and vitamins!

Paris Hilton

This inveterate socialite and fashionista relieves stress in the company of their pets. Small dog - her love and passion. Celebrity tries as much as possible to spend more time with them, and often combine a walk with other useful things. For example, seasonal wardrobe update. Good shopping and cheer and zest for life will return, and long charge of optimism. And if we take into account that small pets will also enjoy themselves on the trophy shopomaniya - out of competition. The only pity is that the required resources and considerable. Although the hotel empire heiress is not a problem.

 Secrets relaxation of Hollywood celebrities

No matter which of these methods of relaxation came to your taste, it should be practiced regularly. And then your life will always play with bright colors, pleasant experiences and joyful things. Live in the fun! Be happy!
Author: Natalia Bartukova