Seven Secrets of Weight Loss mom Ani Lorak
 It's no secret that the battle against excess weight after pregnancy and childbirth Anna Lorak came absolute winner. Journalists not only no cause for schadenfreude, but there was a very good reason for admiration - the singer began to look even better than in the time of girlhood.

Of course, Lorac was not easy. It is, in fact, this does not hide. Mom charming little girl shared her secrets that helped her so quickly and successfully regain a slender body.

Rule 1. You feel hungry - drink water

Ani rightly believes that, in many cases, hunger is imaginary. In fact, a man thirsty. Therefore advises the star to carry around a bottle of ordinary drinking water or mineral water. If you want to "stay one's stomach" the first thing to do - is to drink water. Only if hunger persists, you can eat something.

Rule 2. Product Selection - Select shape

Everything we eat, is deposited in our body. By the way, recently, scientists have found that this is going on for three hours after a meal. So you can not ride the process of selecting the diet - in quantitative nor qualitative terms. Anna Lorak advise lean on vegetables and fruits. If they are present in every meal, weight loss can be easily avoided. The diet should be beneficial to health, - convinced the singer.

Rule 3. Overeating - fight!

One of the main causes of obesity Anna Lorak said overeating. The problem is that people do not eat when they are hungry, and ... nothing. For example, "for the company" for "entry into the community clean plates" due to the fact that "it is necessary something to occupy themselves" and "how you can just sit, if everyone else is eating all around." The singer rightly believes that such behavior is unacceptable food. If you are uncomfortable due to the fact that you are sitting while the others enjoy their meals with gusto, just drink water. Suppose that on the plate is always a little salad that others are not eager to enclose your food. Stop looking around and thinking of others - think better about yourself and your body.

Rule 4: Carbonated water - no!

Anna Lorak completely abandon the use of carbonated beverages, including water. Now she is drinking a normal or mineral water without gas.

Rule 5: Healthy Food - a slim figure

Singer calls a responsible attitude towards their health, because it is an important step to a slim figure. Enough to give up bad food - greasy, fried, sugary foods - and you're right, they say, feel the difference.

Rule 6. After 19 hours - no, no

All you need to your body, you need to eat up to 19 hours. After this time the turn of the stomach should be allowed to recycle leftover food and rest. It is not necessary to burden themselves with food at nightfall - calories are transformed into fat.

Rule 7. Loaf, caravans, fitness choose to taste

The singer said that without fitness in weight loss is necessary. Therefore, every woman needs to find the right for her exercise. Someone will like aerobics, someone closer to dance. Some are written in the pool, others will boycott the transport - short and medium distance will go on foot, not by car. Let your fitness would be a hobby - it will make the body fitter and calories will be spent actively.

Curiously, Anna sees an element of fitness, even in his concerts. "One speech - minus kilogram", - says Lorac. Here it is, the harmony - and creativity, and fitness, and joy to people.
Author: Marina Tumovskaya