Simple beauty tips from Miranda Kerr
 This Australian turned his head not only Orlando Bloom. Millions of girls around the world follow the advice of its uncomplicated to care for themselves. Miranda last year presented his own book, which recounted how multiplies its beauty is one of the most famous angels Victoria's Secret.

Book we studied, but it turns out that Miranda's still a lot of secrets in her collection of ideas on care. Recently she shared with spectators Internet TV BellaSugarTV his new and rather original recipes.

Publications all over the world once called these strange secrets, and our portal, they seem to be very original and, most importantly, accessible - it is for such recommendations, we advocate.

Remember recognition of Miranda that her favorite beauty product - is coconut oil? She said she eats in a day, two teaspoons of Tahitian Noni Juice (puts in salads and even green tea), and gives the face glow with it, causing outward. Now a new super-product from avtraliyki - rosehip oil .

 Simple beauty tips from Miranda Kerr
Miranda gives interviews BellaSugarTV

29-year-old model said that in recent years in love with this oil. It is sold in any drugstore, is quite small, and the effect of both the modern facilities. "Now I have no time for any special skin care" - explains Miranda. Indeed, Miranda and Orlando Bloom in the past year have a baby - a son Flynn. Therefore, the model looks for the most simple means of beauty. Oil of rose hips - just like that.

 Simple beauty tips from Miranda Kerr
   No wonder it is used for healing wounds and scars, treat skin defects, it has a life-giving force. Rich in antioxidants, moisturizers, vitamins. Miranda uses rosehip oil to the skin of the body, causing it after a shower, and it's open all night - stimulates the restoration of the skin at the cellular level. "After the night I wake up with amazing glowing skin! "- Shared Miranda.

Our pharmacies also sold rosehip oil. You can try for yourself advice Miranda. The very same model uses rosehip oil from the company KORA Organics. This Australian brand produces his oil in Chile, from the seeds of a rose bush that grows in the southern Andes. By the way, Miranda supports this brand in various interviews advertises it. He says that the products KORA Organics accompany her whole life.

Miranda rosehip oil is also used as a means of make-up remover for delicate skin around the eyes. And in addition, it adds a few drops of oil to their favorite night moisturizer.

 Simple beauty tips from Miranda Kerr
 The second model, the revelation caused a huge reaction in the blogosphere. Miranda explained how easily curled eyelashes without having kurlera. But for the Russians, this method is unlikely to be the opening, we got it from our resourceful mothers and grandmothers. So, Miranda Kerr curl eyelashes using ... ordinary spoon .

After applying a layer of mascara she pinches eyelashes between thumb and spoon, as if imitating kurler for eyelashes, holding for a while and everything - curled eyelashes ready!

 Simple beauty tips from Miranda Kerr
 The third 'whale', which keeps the exterior perfection Miranda - a simple brush-sponge . You do not need to torture the skin scrubs, exfoliation can be done with a soft natural bristle special sponges that are sold in a wide variety of eco-stores and at an affordable price.

The main secret of Miranda Kerr - she spends all manipulations with a dry brush - that is, making a light massage, smoothing the skin. Only need sdela to sponge was really soft bristles are not capable of hurting the skin. Better if it will be like a brush caress. So that is the secret of smooth skin model Victoria's Secret.

 Simple beauty tips from Miranda Kerr
Miranda, a new collection of lingerie for Victoria's Secret

Maybe it's not all the secrets of the stars. And we'll hear more new discoveries from Miranda. And she said to only have time to add, do not forget about a healthy diet and yoga.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin