Young and healthy skin in 9 days
 The program "Young and healthy skin in 9 days" developed a beautician and American dermatologist Amy Wechsler. The first principles of the program were published in the book Wexler The Mind-Beauty Connection. And today you have a chance to get acquainted with the way to rejuvenate the skin in just 9 days.

Doctor Amy Wechsler   considers that the main cause of the signs of aging even in the age of, and in constant tension. Stress adds skin from 3 to 6 years. Wrinkles and dryness - it is not just age, - says dermatologist. 9-day program designed to refresh the skin to reverse the signs of aging caused by stress and help acquire new habits that will rejuvenate the skin of the rest of his life.

So, Amy Wexler advises to take a 9-day vacation and devote it to his skin. Starting a program is possible at any day of the week, although the doctor advises her patients to start on Saturday to get the results in a week, by Monday. Psychologically, it is more true, in her opinion.

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

The first day. Be more simple!

Since that day, simplify daily care. Leave only 2-3 of the product for the daily care. Amy Wexler advises to have the following products:

1) one mild and gentle cleanser;

2) two good moisturizer - one day with a solar filter, the other - the night;

3) scrub that you use 2-3 times a week.

Here's how it will look with the daily care of these funds:

- Morning.   Washing detergent hands. Thoroughly but gently. Next - day moisturizer over a damp skin.

- Evening.   Again, washing, but spend a minute more than in the morning. This will remove makeup and dirt per day. Then - a night moisturizer.

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

The first day of the program need to develop sleep. Time to sleep - this time just for sleep. Many women include eight holidays and evening skin care, and time for sleep. However, the required eight hours of sleep should belong only to sleep. This means that you have to learn to go to sleep for at least an hour before, then you will get a good rest.

Second day. Without irritation

This day will help to cope with the irritations of the skin. Occasionally when we allocate special time for relaxation. From that day to start doing it. Relaxation is based on three pillars, which allocates Amy:

- Proper breathing . Select one of the below listed exercise and makes it twice a day for the next 8 days, preferably at the same time. This will help reassure you, refocus energy will change the chemistry of the body to maintain health from the inside. Voltage from the skin will be removed. Exercises:

1) Take a deep breath in through your nose, exhale - through the mouth. At the end of exhalation, repeat to yourself "laaa la, la laaa" (slightly strained abdomen) - this will completely exhale all the air from the lungs. Repeat 5 times so.

2) Inhale and exhale through the nose. Count "one, two, three" in a breath, "one, two, three" as you exhale, and "one-two-three" do not breathe at all. Do this 5 times. Each time increase the expense of "one-two-three-four", then "one-two-three-four-five," etc.

3) This exercise relieves stress completely. Breathing at the expense of "four to seven or eight," where "four" - a breath, "seven" - a breath, "eight" - a pause.

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

- Relaxation and recreation.   Here are ideas from Wexler, how to reduce stress in the day:

1) communicate with your friends: call a friend and chat with each other, arrange dinner in the cafe;

2) sign up for a massage;

3) have sex, there is a lot of evidence that sex helps you to relax and makes your skin glow.

  - Further simplification of maintenance.   Hold the tips of the first day. Moisturize dry skin with a normal sunflower oil - Apply after showering on the body (except the face and neck).

Day Three. Green

Eco-friendly advice from a dermatologist:

1) Drink green tea. It moisturizes as water, but contains more flavonoids. Morning, fill a thermos of green tea and drink it throughout the day. First hot, and by the end of the day can be cold with ice. Continue to drink green tea throughout the program.

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

2) Spend time in nature. Today and subsequent days 6 spend at least 20 minutes a day in nature. This is the best therapeutic treatment for skin.

3) Continue to care, which started at 1 and 2 days. Plus a bonus - Cleopatra milk bath. Add the warm bath 2-4 cups of whole milk. Soak in a bath of 20 minutes. Then rub the sponge body. Rinse and apply a moisturizer.

Day Four. Diet for Skin

Avoid food, which badly affects the skin. These are: fast food, fried food, refined sugar, processed meat products and cheeses. Eat foods that are useful for the skin. Here are the basics:

- Oranges
- Cantaloupe
- Tomatoes
- Greenery
- Salmon
- Tuna

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

Curb your appetite. To do this, drink water or tea during the day. Add them cranberry juice, lemon or lime. Snack on water-containing fruits: cucumbers, watermelon.

Go green tips of the third day and the previous day's Skin treatments.

The fifth day. In move

Movement and physical activity have a positive effect on the skin, improve sleep. Be active - and the skin will look younger.

Today, do at least 30 minutes of exercise, as well as schedule a half-hour workout in the remaining days of the program. It can be work in the gym, cycling, playing in the park, jogging, brisk walking. Choose only one type of exercise that you like - there is no sense in the exercises that make you unhappy.

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

Continue to implement the recommendations of the previous days: meals, relaxation, care, "green" tips.

The fifth day of the program - it is a day when to afford a little more than usual. Amy advises highlight the day for 1 hour, during which the need to do something to bring joy: a cocktail in front of the TV, go to a manicure or pedicure, go shopping.

The sixth day. Time for friends

Today should be held in the company of friends. This fellowship will inspire and support you. Invite your guests to themselves, taken together on nature. Continue all the recommendations of the previous days.

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

The seventh day. Beauty from within

Be positive, and the skin will be younger. Amy Wexler advises to pay special attention to inner beauty. To do this, you need to focus on the positive things happening in your life?

1) Write down what you are grateful for the present day;

2) Write down three to achieve that day (it can be very simple things: a job done on time, eat right, I saw the sun);

 Young and healthy skin in 9 days

3) Engage in meditation, begin to do it in an hour before bedtime. "Meditation will not only help you better cope with stress, it also helps to keep the brain young," - says Wexler.

Continue the recommendations of the previous days of the program.

The eighth day. Sleeping Beauty

If you in the morning today, there are no plans to try to sleep as much as he wants. If you have to get up early, then select an hour in the afternoon for an afternoon nap. Make it a rule to sleep 8 hours a day. In these hours do not include time falling asleep and waking. So go to sleep for 8 hr. 30 min. before the morning alarm clock. Upset night's sleep may be the case and any unforeseen stress received after 3 pm. If this has happened - boldly go to bed an hour earlier.

The ninth day. Summarizing

Think about how you have changed these days. Reward yourself for the changes that you made during the program.

Try to stick to the point in the program that you like, and after the end of the program. And six months later again completely repeat 9-day rest for the skin.
Author: Julia Shestakova