Hollywood stars have opened the fashion for detoxification
 In Gollivude open hunting toxins! From London to New York City "detoxification" in the most beautiful lips: Star cleanse your intestines, washed from chemical emissions, clean your skin, get rid of dead skin cells. And it is very cool today - to talk about cleaning up the liver, eliminate toxins, kolonoterapii.

In California, the institutions and the guru "detoxification" multiply like mushrooms after the rain, with one another "purer"!

There is not a single star who did not drink to your warm lemon juice, slightly open your eyes in the morning. And it is very cool today - to talk about cleaning up the liver, eliminate toxins, kolonoterapii. These themes are sounded at all the Hollywood parties and receptions. Borba takes toxins fashionable epidemic.

Enemy star found. It toxins! This is the source of all ills, they are everywhere. Out of us (in the air and food), and we (in our bodies) due to stress, which is a large manufacturer of cellular waste.

These followers of "detoxification" is not just sitting on the mode. To get rid of all this filth of modern life, they are a special way of life that concerns not only the body but also the spirit. Dr. Bernard Ueysfeld, a psychiatrist and an expert on the psychology of food comments on this new passion:

- In a world where reigns material consumption, individuals are in constant search of its identity. Diet is a logical ritual purity against "contamination".

But let us still do not succumb to fanaticism "big wash" and choose only the most rational of this planet called "detoxification".

  And what we actually mean when we talk about toxins?
Professor Anne-Marie Roussel from the biochemical laboratory at the University of Grenoble (France) explains:

- Toxins - substances arising from environmental pollution, pesticides, residues of drugs, fats and sugars, which are left by the decomposition of waste. Fortunately, the body has the ability to self-detoxification through bodies such as the liver, kidneys, lungs ... The problem is that excess overload these bodies.

When there are signs of over-doses of toxins in your body, you need to act. And you can not wait for busting with toxins. Perfect advice: do a little treatment within a week after major holidays and at each change of season. Or, for example, to arrange a super-easy day after the big bust, to give your body the time and opportunity to recover.

Properly delivered detoxification process allows the body to rest well. You can sit on vitamin diet. During these periods, clean replace cigarettes and coffee for herbal teas and plenty of water, eating only vegetables and fruit for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These little cleaning days can be used to simultaneously surrender to the Japanese baths, exfoliation and herbal medicine.

Star detoxification methods

Read with a critical infusion and not to follow these recommendations for a long period!

Jennifer Aniston:   waking up, a large glass of warm water with lemon juice - drink, "cleaner" digestive system from eating the day before.

Demi Moore:   about two liters of green tea drain during the day, not forgetting to drink more herbal teas (nettle and chamomile) in 9 hours, 14 hours and 15 hours.

Christina Aguilera, Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow:   power on the basis of sprouted grains, peas and lentils, with no fish and no meat. And no fast utilizable sugar!

Claudia Schiffer:   Fresh fruit in unlimited quantities in the morning (except citrus - they are too acidic). At lunchtime and in the evening - cooked vegetables plus fish.

Jennifer Lopez:   juice from grass and oats several times per day. And after dinner cleansing juice consisting of beets and carrots or cucumber and celery.

Madonna and Britney Spears:   vegetables and fish - without limit, in the morning they drink the water with two teaspoons of flax seeds. Between meals they click pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

Halle Berry:   After sorting out she will spend the day cleaning. She eats these days just whipped protein, broccoli and homemade compote.

Salma Hayek:   Colon once a month. Every day at 18-30, she pauses to drink soup with soda.