Lesson style of Kylie Minogue
 Return pop star in show business may be slow, but its compelling appearance is always on the wave of popularity.

Since Kylie Minogue appeared on the scene, its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds - all speak of her snow-white smile, peach skin and demeanor, she is always on the covers of magazines and on the front pages of newspapers. Kylie now looks fine, but to achieve this, she had to change ourselves internally, and for this we need more than one month. Now famous pop diva can give advice to others.

To look well-groomed hands, try to scrub hands. He will return the skin soft; should apply after the summer season, when the skin is dry after sunbathing, when the skin cells need dual protection. Use moisturizer for the body, face, and especially for the skin around the eyes.   And follow a special diet for the skin.

In order to look natural, should be used in make-up shades of bronze - this will give the skin a tanned look. Apply bronzers should be on the skin so that the area around the nose and eyebrows are not highlighted. For a more spectacular way apply peach blush on cheekbones. Use tone mousses instead of cream - they are lighter in texture, fall most naturally.   To finish, apply a pink lipstick or lip gloss to make lips sexy volume.

Its light pink lips and cheeks Kylie peach shades of black volume mascara, eyeliner and then gray pencil (it is easier to apply and gives a look of mystery). Concluding his make-up, apply a concealer, a shade which is close to natural.   Apply the product to be evenly distributed across the face (around the nose, cheeks).

Paying special attention to the appearance, do not forget about your body - it requires not only training, but also care. Use moisturizer for the body, bronzatorami and tanning.   Also do not forget about creams, firming and means of toning up the body.

Now you can wear any revealing clothes, and your body will look great in any evening dress. You can not have such a smile as Kylie, but some secrets disclosed pop diva will help you look great!