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 The usual hairdresser from a small town in northern France, John Nollet has become one of the most famous stylists in the world. Its ideas and tips worth considering!

John Knoll (John Nollet) conducted courses for hairdressers in women's salons, before he became a favorite hairstylist on the set and met the people who later became his faithful clients of: Vanessa Paradis, Monica Bellucci, Virginie Ledouyan Emmanuel Bert. (The list of his famous clients is long to indecency!).

4 years as John Nollet in Paris opened his own salon (prices there range from 75 to 350 euros), while continuing to go around the entire globe with a comb in hand, following his stellar clientele to shoot or festivals.

John Knoll: "I quickly realized that I want to brush different. When I was in the north of France, I did not imagine that it is possible to travel and to comb the same time! "

MyCharm: As of ordinary saloons you are in the world of creativity?

John Nollet: I once met a choreographer Dominique Bague that I offered to co-operate in its performances in Montpellier (a city in southern France, on the Mediterranean coast - T.Mass). That meeting changed my life. Then there were Monica Bellucci and Vanessa Paradis and Amelie pool.

MyCharm: How ideas are born hairstyles for a particular image?

  John Nollet: Working with the director of the film is usually narrow, ideas are born right after reading the script. I also listen to the director and watch actresses who must comb. They tell me about their doubts, the fears, I absorb their emotions and desires. Turn, for example, Monica Bellucci in Cleopatra - it's a long job. I try to actress felt comfortable to wait was short, and cooperation with the stylist more effective. "

MyCharm: Amelie pool with his quads conquered the world!

John Nollet: Amelie pool - it's a long story! I did not know how strong will this hairstyle. The director saw her character with a tail, and I immediately introduced a penalty. But I never thought it was a penalty will be such a success. It was a real alchemy! I am proud of my participation in this adventure!

MyCharm: Who has the most beautiful and famous women you want to work?

John Nollet: I combed a lot of beautiful women in France and abroad. But there will never ever work with Nicole Kidman. She is beautiful and without my advice, but I would have wanted to do for her hairstyle, giving more freedom of movement and hair.

MyCharm: What in your opinion the view - the perfect hairstyle?

John Nollet: This hairstyle is combed easily moves. Hairdresser close to the architect: he creates volumes of matter. I love it when strands find their own place. When there is artificial hair. The same with color. I'm inspired by nature. I always imagine what the effect would be the color of the sun. I rarely move away from the natural range of women.

  Tips from John Knoll for readers site MyCharm

7 conditions for a good hairstyle:

1. Good Grooming - beautiful tapering or well-structured long square, for example.

2. Healthy hair. This individual care for each type of hair: moisturizing - for dry cleaning - for fat, etc.

3. When washing should be neutral and alternate healing shampoos.

4. Good rinsing: before you apply after washing the vehicle, must be well rinsed and wet hair. And in the end you need to get some water in his hand and carefully wet hair ends.

5.Adaptirovat wiping hair: For highly curly hair do not need a strong wiping. Even wet, they need to carefully comb through, that swirls drawn in a professional manner. But if you have a straight haircut, the hair before drying wipe more thoroughly.

6. mousse should be well distributed over the hair. It is enough to take him quite a bit and thoroughly reheat in your hands and then apply to the hair, flowing locks through the hands soaked mousse.

7. Drying should be a controlled: for a smooth hairstyle you need to use a round brush and a hair dryer with a simple overlay. For curly locks require a special tool, well distributed air. About brush - forget.
Author: Tatiana AMIS