7 Secrets to perfume is not corrupted
 Shelf life of flavors - one of the longest of all cosmetics. This makes me happy. But there is another fact: if not properly stored perfumes and colognes deteriorate and lose their properties, even earlier than indicated on the package.

Test yourself: Do all you know about keeping your favorite perfume?

 7 Secrets to perfume is not corrupted

1. In the cool but not cold!
At high temperatures, perfumes instantly destroyed. Keep fragrances in a cool place. The idea to store toilet water bottles in the refrigerator - not the best: food can absorb the aroma, deep in the refrigerator - is too low temperature and leaf - may be frequent changes in temperature and agitation.

2. In the darkness.
Usually Fragrance bottles made of transparent glass, and the sun's rays quickly destroy the perfume composition. It is therefore important to find a dark place for storage.

3. In a dry place.
Humidity - another enemy of perfumes. Rack in the bath is not suitable, not only because of the high temperatures in this area.

4. In the closed state.
Leave without perfume caps undesirable. The fragrance will evaporate and break. Do not lose the cap from the bottle, they have not only a decorative purpose.

5. purity.
If the spirits are roller applicator or applicator stick to apply - keep them clean. Through video dirt can penetrate into the fragrant water and destroy it after a while.

6. Do not shake.
Habit Shake well before use funds only for toners and liquid foundation. Fragrances can not shake, and shake strongly.

7. Do not overfill.
Contact with air perfume destructive. Therefore, if faced with the need to pour in another fragrance bottle - act as quickly as possible, that the spirits have not lost their qualities. And, of course, a new bottle must be sealed.

Graphics: myCharm.ru, Gnedina Yu
Author: Julia Gnedina