Oils for beauty: the most effective ways to apply
 English-speaking beauty recently often refer to themselves as «oil-a-holic». Yes, modern oils are so effective in maintaining the beauty that we have to talk about addiction. However, this dependence is very pleasant and, as it turns out useful. Learn how you can help the oil.

 Oils for beauty: the most effective ways to apply

For smooth curls. Apply a little oil on your palm and distribute the product on the ends of the hair (but not at the roots!). This can be done after washing and before washing the hair as a balm or a mask. The result - a neat and healthy curls at the ends.

From dryness and cracking. Very dry skin can soften and moisturize with pure oil or lotion, mixed with oil. This is especially important for the elbows, knees, heels in the summer. Fatty acids contained in oils, helping to heal and restore the skin to retain moisture.

To moisten. Daily add to their serum or moisturizer a few drops of oil. It gives the skin a glow, making it smooth and is the best foundation makeup. Oils help maintain the protective barrier of the skin for a long time, renew the moisturizer. And at night it can be added in a larger amount of cream and butter.

For the radiance of the skin from within. Add vegetable oils (coconut, almond) in muesli, porridge, salads - the skin will shine. You can buy a vitamin supplement of fish oil - take it every day, and it will contribute to the healthy growth of hair and nails, as well as smooth and youthful skin.

To cleanse. Dissolve the fat and oil on the skin surface can only oil. Therefore, oil purification - the best way to make-up remover. If you have dry skin, you can use the oil cleansing twice a day, replacing the normal detergent in the oil. And you forget that after washing are dryness and tightness of skin.

For the shine of the skin. Radiant skin - a sign of youth and health. Therefore, some highlights on the cheeks and the upper lip do not hurt. Other roads highlighter! Use vegetable oil.

For hair shine. Try wrapping a warm oil, it works no worse than expensive salon treatment for hair. The result: a mirror shine and healthy roots.

Graphics: myCharm.ru
Author: Julia Gnedina