Underwear: laundry and storage, to keep for a long time
 What makes you feel sexy? High-quality and stylish underwear! Then we agree, need to take care to always look decent.

How to store and maintain underwear to it as long as possible to remain sexually:

 Underwear: laundry and storage, to keep for a long time

 Underwear: laundry and storage, to keep for a long time

1. Protect underwear not only in the wash, but also to wear. Disposable sanitary napkins are helping to make it. On sale is a great choice, and you can find options for every cut panties from classic to strings.

2. washed by hand. Hand wash - the best solution for underwear. This is especially true underwire bra and panties made of thin fabrics. Use gentle when washing detergent and cool water.

3. Wash in the washing machine - only in a protective case.   For washing delicate things, there are special bags for washing. And there are protective trunks that allow underwear does not deform and is not in contact with other items in the wash. These are plastic balls or cubes with holes and a rubber ball, the hedgehog inside.

4. sushi underwear in the washing machine! Drying machine-gun instantly spoils linen fabric and shape. Dry lace bra and panties better on a horizontal surface, spread out on a towel.

5. Keep your underwear clean. Buy special sheets to dry, they can be placed between the sheets - sheets absorb excess moisture and give laundry a pleasant fragrance of freshness and purity. Pants should be washed after each use, and you can send the bra in the wash after 2-3 applications. Do fragrant paper itself: sprinkle favorite perfume on a sheet of plain paper and put the paper between the sheets in the closet. The same function is performed by the dry perfume or perfumed sachets.

6. Buy Cases for clothes. They are especially useful when traveling: the laundry is not crumple and not deformed to retain freshness. In a special case, you can keep your bras and panties in the locker room when little space.

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Author: Julia Gnedina