Diet ... cotton balls - a dangerous game
 Diet on a cotton ball - you've heard of it? This is one of the most fashionable diets among models. But it is very dangerous. As they say, one of those "do not try."

This is an ordinary cotton balls or swabs, which are sold in every supermarket or drugstore, and are used for removing make-up and personal hygiene.

What is the diet? The idea is simple: there are up to five cotton balls per meal, after dipping them in orange juice, lemonade or cocktails. What liquid pick - does not matter, it acts as a lubricant to cotton balls more easily swallowed.

There are girls-models that use this technique to only reduce your normal diet, but some go to the extreme and completely replace food with cotton balls.

 Diet ... cotton balls - a dangerous game

Not even the expert may have guessed that such a diet is extremely dangerous. However, the model possessed thinness does not recognize any warnings, even from doctors. For them, the result is important, but it is, and considerable. Still would! Instead of pasta and pizza - fibrous substance which cleans the stomach, while the body is tricked that receives food, produces enzymes and gastric acid, all of this body spends a lot of energy, burning calories.

Hidden threat
This diet is toxic to humans. Most of the cotton balls that are on the shelves, have a harmful compound. Balls made of pure organic cotton would be too expensive. In fact, conventional cotton swabs and balls are composed of bleached polyester fiber, which means that large amounts of pesticides and other synthetics.

The second major problem - the risk of suffocation in the process of consumption, the doctors say about it.

But the greatest concern is with the blocking of the digestive system that may result from such a strange diet. In the most severe cases require complex surgery.

One of the experts compared the diet even on a cotton ball with Russian roulette: either you lose weight or lose your health and perhaps life.

Side effects
Slimming girls sometimes are almost all to achieve his goals and get a "dream job." They did not even bother significant deterioration of health. Proponents of the diet on a cotton ball try not to notice it, but almost immediately they feel a lack of energy, weakness, disorientation, anemia, hair loss, dry skin. Doctors say that after the beginning of such a diet in patients observed failure of important organs.

Is it worth it to play a gamble with your health?

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Author: Julia Gnedina