How to hide dark hair roots
 To begin with anecdote to this topic:
"The blonde asked: You have such a beautiful platinum tresses! Why do you paint in black roots? "

Every woman who dyes her hair, there are moments when the hair roots are beginning to give out her secret. It does not always have the opportunity to immediately start a new coloring. But there is always an opportunity to look beautiful! So, the trick will look like unpainted mask hair roots at a time.

1. Change your hair style.

- Parting the other side. This is the easiest way to disguise regrowth. Hair grow unevenly, and where you wear the usual parting, they grow a little faster, because more often supplied with oxygen and sunlight.

- Kos.   French braid looks even better with the regrown undyed roots, it adds a three-dimensional hair. Try to make a braid or flagella, they mask the differences in hair color.

2. Make makeup ... hair.   Did you know that today there are many new products for make-up hair. They appeared in the last year or two, and immediately became popular. Among these novelties:

- Compact powder makeup hair. On the surface, similar to the usual make-up palettes. The filler - colored powder, specifically designed to mask the roots (darken or brighten). Apply to dry hair. For example, such as the new Color Wow Root Cover Up, created in 4 colors: blond, light brown, medium brown, dark brown.

 How to hide dark hair roots

- Color spray. This aerosol spray as a dry shampoo, only with a color pigment. This pigment is water-resistant, withstands even washing your hair with shampoo. For example, here is a spray as the Rita Hazan Root Concealer, exists in five different shades.

 How to hide dark hair roots

- Marker hair. Another novelty. Apply to dry hair, it looks like a pen. For example, a marker ColorMark Touchback designed to adjust the color of the hair roots. He first applied to the unpainted areas, then "shaded" comb or brush.

 How to hide dark hair roots

- Use make-up products for the face. If the above news is not available, you can simply use the suggested ideas. For example, the gray roots are colored shadows good for eyebrows and mascara for the eyebrows.

3. scarf or belt. This season, ribbons and handkerchiefs on the hair fashion. Turban was at the peak of last summer, but this year is still relevant.

 How to hide dark hair roots

Author: Julia Gnedina