Make your skin beauty-gift
 You've already made a list of gifts for the New Year? And what to give your skin? We offer an interesting idea - the process of preparation of their cosmetic products relieve stress, calm, delight new sensations. As a result, you will have the luxury product for the skin.

Make a scrub with a caramel accent.

To scrub will need:

- Glass jar with a lid
- 4 cups white sugar
- A bowl for mixing ingredients
- A quarter cup of chopped candy or lollipops
- 1 (or slightly more) cup olive oil
- 20-30 drops of essential oil of peppermint

Get ready to do:

1. In a bowl pour the sugar.

2. Add the olive oil, the mixture should look like wet sand. If there is no olive oil - use sunflower or almond oil.

 Make your skin beauty-gift

3. Add peppermint oil, it will give an invigorating fragrance means will soothe aching muscles and soothe inflammation.

4. Prepare candies. They can grind in a blender or coffee grinder, but you can grind in a mortar or rolled with a rolling pin.

 Make your skin beauty-gift

5. Pour sugar mixture into a jar, sprinkling layers with candies.

 Make your skin beauty-gift

A nice gift for yourself and your skin!

 Make your skin beauty-gift

Recipe Jaime Richards, materials
Author: Julia Gnedina