This is no joke, that shopping does not burn fewer calories than fitness. And how much? And whether it is necessary to hope for a slimming effect while shopping?

According to the Daily Mail, British way average run of 180 miles each year making purchases. 180 miles - is 289 kilometers! This distance is equal to a 7-marathon and equivalent 15000 calories burned . A total of 15 minutes spent in the dressing allows to burn 100 calories.

However, the majority of calories burned is dialed again, because shopping is often accompanied by treats like chips, chocolates and muffins. The British estimated that an average of these little pleasures can be more than 250 calories, and every tenth woman in the day shopping consumes 1,000 calories more than on other days. What here slimming!

However, it is still a real shopping as opposed to online stores, allowing women to stay in shape, and is still more than half of women (58%) prefer to shop not online, but in real stores.

So, is it possible to lose weight while shopping? You can, if you do not buy fast food during shopping. Make some tea without sugar and carrots, and shop safely. Exercise with real shopping is important for overall health. Daily activity reduces the risk of life-threatening diseases.

Good news, right? So the next time your partner will start again skeptical of your shopping trip, you will have a good excuse: "I do it for health! ".
Author: Julia Gnedina