Techniques that make your teeth whiter
 No one will argue that the teeth whitening at the dentist's office operates. But it may be resorted to only once a year. And what to do in between the trip to the doctor to look whiter teeth? We have 9 important receptions.

1. bronzer. Have you noticed that when tan nails and whites of the eyes look brighter and whiter? The same can be said of the teeth. They will look whiter near sharper tanned skin. Then why not use a bronzer winter?

2. Cleaning and dental floss. Sorry, we are forced to repeat the truisms: regular cleaning improves the condition of the teeth and keeps them white.

3. Lip gloss with a blue tone. Lip Gloss with cold midtone (blue or purple) create the illusion of brighter teeth. White teeth also have a cool tone and cold glow shine brightly illuminate them.

4. Brushing your teeth 30 minutes after a meal. If left on the teeth until the acid from eating, the toothbrush can further push the acid in the dental enamel. After eating, wait half an hour before brushing, and before that time can simply rinse your mouth with water.

5. Red lipstick. If you are not a fan of blue glitter, then use a red lipstick with a cold tone. It creates the right contrast with the teeth, making them brighter. Lipstick shades of nude, as well as with orange highlights, makes your teeth yellow.

 Techniques that make your teeth whiter

6. Crunchy fruits and vegetables. Snack in the form of an apple or celery not only save your waistline, but also keep teeth white. Such products are best clean the teeth and oral cavity by friction.

 Techniques that make your teeth whiter

7. cocktail straws. Wine belongs to the coloring drinks like juice and cola. Drink these beverages through a straw, so as not to stain teeth. However, do not recommend too carried away wine and a straw, this will be wrinkles and headache in the morning.

8. whitening strips. This is one of the most convenient ways to save home white teeth between visits to the doctor. Just 5 minutes a day, and your teeth will lighten.

 Techniques that make your teeth whiter

9. dentist. Plan your schedule: two days in the year should be reserved for a trip to the dentist. Then you will forget about the plaque, caries and tartar.
Author: Julia Gnedina