Beauty Supplements
 The desire to improve the condition of hair, skin and nails with the help of vitamins and minerals is commendable. It is necessary to know what to look for supplements in drugstores and supermarkets.

Supplements for Hair

- If your hair is often broken, you should increase the amount of biotin. The recommended daily rate vitamin B7 (biotin)   - 2, 5 mg. It is particularly important to take supplements biotin those many floats as well as during the summer period.
An added bonus: studies show that sufficient biotin content (within the daily requirement) will make your nails thicker by 25%.

- If your hair is falling out and thinning, you should start treatment with reception vitamin C and iron . One reason for thin hair is anemia. Iron deficiency also leads to hair loss because reduced levels of red blood cells, necessary to the health of the hair follicle. Vitamin C and iron supplements to help prevent hair loss.
An added bonus: these dietary supplements are effective and affordable.

- Gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)   - A fatty acid, which supports the health of the hair. It is contained in the oil or evening primrose oil, black currant. Take 500 mg of one of these oils, 2 times a day and after 8 weeks to see noticeable results - will improve the condition of hair.

Supplements to the skin

- To ensure normal functioning of skin cells as an important component of a Coenzyme Q10   (CoQ10). It is a natural compound which is contained in our skin, but its amount decreases with age and by external factors. Supplements to the skin with coenzyme Q10 improves the condition of the skin.

- The complex of proteins and polysaccharides . Especially important for postmenopausal women (aged 50 years or more). Supplementation in this age greatly increases the elasticity of the skin and its moisture.

- Supplementation with antioxidants . They must be taken daily, then the skin will regain its radiance and healthy appearance.

Consumption sufficient oily fish and whole grains   It can also be attributed to the anti-aging skin steps. Review your diet, add these foods in the diet, and thus improve not only the skin, but also you will be less prone to fatigue.

Attention! Before taking supplements, consult your doctor.
Author: Julia Gnedina