Cleansing Milk - how to use it?
 Cleansing milk - a product that should appear in the daily care of themselves with the onset of autumn-winter season. And we have some tips on how to use it.

1. Use instead of soap. Firstly, the advantage of the cleansing milk is that it does not leave the skin dry. In contrast to the result that we get after the usual detergent (gel or liquid soap). Cleanser cleanses the skin of dirt, and even deep within the pores, but it does not deprive the natural skin oils.

2. The Japanese method.   This technique involves a more thorough cleansing of the skin. First, the skin is cleaned with milk, and then - with a conventional detergent. This gives very clean result. The method ensures a perfect removal make-up, dirt and grease.

3. As massage cream. Gentle massage of the face always makes skin brighter and can be done on a daily basis, in the process of washing. Try massaging the skin with cleansing milk, it is enough to rehydrate the skin, but does not leave traces of oil as massage oil. This is important if you are doing a massage before you leave home.

4. As part of a manicure / pedicure. Cleansing Milk can become part of a home manicure or pedicure, it moisturizes cuticles, tones the skin.

 Cleansing Milk - how to use it?

How to use cleansing milk:
- Rinse the skin with warm water.
- Take on the palm of the number of coin-sized.
- Apply to the skin and massage her milk with water.
- Remove the tool with a cotton swab dipped in warm water.
Author: Julia Gnedina