Do not forget every day to resist wrinkles
 Today we decided to remind you of the simple rules to combat wrinkles. Do not forget about them, and then the surrounding forget about your age.

1. Water.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help to permanently get rid of the toxins that make skin discolored and lifeless.

2. Berries.
Blueberries and other berries contain large amounts of antioxidants, which protect the skin at the cellular level by free radicals that cause loss of collagen in the skin and cause wrinkles.

3. Useful Habits.
Get rid of smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, avoid the sun. These three things will help to dramatically improve the appearance of the skin, to maintain its texture and elasticity. For protection from the sun buy big sunglasses (they will save not only the eyes but also the sensitive skin around the eyes).

4. Moisturize.
Most of the signs of skin aging comes from dehydration. Apply a moisturizer every day, as well as a concentrated night cream around your eyes.

5. Retinol.
After 30 night cream should contain retinol, it accelerates the regeneration of the skin, reduces wrinkles and makes skin brighter.

6. Botox.
Use of Botox or collagen injections for the prevention of the first wrinkles. Now it is available procedures, and you can start at age 30.
Author: Julia Gnedina