How to remove skin marks ... Suction
 You have had a rough encounter with a favorite? It was pleasant memories, perhaps, present in a small velvet box and ... one small mark on the skin of the neck or decollete. Do not worry, you will not have to hide under a tight turtleneck, if you use my advice.

One of the main rules - we must act quickly and for the first 48 hours! During this time, a small hematoma (namely, it is aspirated) can be accelerated. If you act later - the result can be the opposite, hickey will only become more pronounced.

- As soon as possible to the place attach Suction ice or any cold   (suitable even ordinary cold spoon). Frozen ice pack - all ideal. If you're at home - that they use. Wrap the pack in a towel and put to hickey. Leave on for 20 mintut. Then remove the 5 minutes and apply again. Cold spoon has the same effect. Put it from time to time in the freezer during the process.

- There another way - hot . Fill the bottle with hot water and apply it to the skin with a trace of Suction 20 minutes. In addition, it is possible to heat the water to soak therein towel and apply a poultice to the skin.

- Method toothbrush . Try a soft brush to massage the area of ​​skin with aspirated. Exert slight pressure for 5-10 minutes. Then we recommend a cold compress for 10 minutes. If necessary - to repeat the procedure.

- Mint Toothpaste   - It is also an effective method. It should apply a coat of paste to the aspirated, and when you feel tingling, then rinse with warm towel. This method increases the blood circulation. But be careful - skin reactions are possible if you have sensitive skin!

- There is another folk recipe - arnica ointment or oil arnica . It is believed that this product significantly reduces the traces of the hickey.

And do not forget that you always have at hand concealer and foundation.
Author: Julia Gnedina