Including lactic acid in your daily skin care
 When we speak of lactic acid, do not be scared. This is not just another chemical, it is in any kind of dairy products, whether milk, cottage cheese, cream or yoghurt. The lactic acid is beneficial for our skin?

The name itself says that the ingredient has acidic properties. Therefore widely used by women all over the world as part of peel and skin bleaching.

A bottle of lactic acid can be bought at a regular pharmacy. It will cost about 100 rubles per 100 ml. For use in the home used a 10% concentrate, cosmetologists use 20-90% solution.

 Including lactic acid in your daily skin care

- Lactic acid - a milder substitute for alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA). If acid AHA for you are too annoying, the lactic acid will be a good alternative. It is suitable for sensitive skin of all the lactic acid - the most mild.

- Exfoliate using lactic acid it is affordable and effective, especially for dry and oily skin. After that, your skin will be glowing and bright, clear of dead cells. Add a few drops of lactic acid in mild shower gel and make peeling skin.

Attention! Do not mix with lactic acid cosmetics, which already has other acids, it can be an irritant to the skin.

- Lactic acid - a well-known bleaching ingredient. So use it to care for aged skin and skin pigmentation. Align complexion occurs when using lactic acid regularly.

- With the help of lactic acid can be treated scars, warts, birthmarks and freckles lighten.

- Another advantage - to get rid of moisture and dryness. This is very important in winter, so buy a bottle of lactic acid in the winter, and add the drug to the bath once a week.

Attention! Lactic acid makes your skin sensitive to sunlight. Therefore, it is better to use in the winter season. And in the summer should be careful to protect skin from the sun by using sunscreen, if you care to present lactic acid.
Author: Julia Gnedina