Summer issue: Dark elbows
 Perhaps this is not only a summer problem, but in the season tops and T-shirts she gets most acute. Find out why you have dark skin on the elbows, and how to get rid of this blemish.

The main reason for the dark skin elbows - skin friction on various surfaces, including clothing. This friction causes scratches and abrasions of the skin. A special role in darkening of the skin can play dark clothing (eg, rough black sweater), because skin friction injured vulnerable, as it absorbs dyes.

If you often leans on his elbows (like sitting at a computer or a laptop), the skin in these places is also becoming thicker and coarser and much darker.

Insufficient peeling - another reason why dark elbows. Dead cells remaining on the surface of the skin, hyperpigmentation caused by sunlight. This causes related to lifestyle.

But there is a more serious explanation of dark skin on the elbows. For example, diabetes show at dark skin on the elbows. If they are browning even on the knees, armpits and around the neck - hurry with the visit to the doctor. These darkening indicate insulin resistance, a condition that precedes diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

How to lighten the skin of the elbows
- Can be effective daily use scrub.
- To peel, use a pumice stone and a detergent - exfoliates the skin elbows every day, until it becomes lighter.
- Lemon - good natural lightening agent. Cut a lemon in half, then each half (pulp) massage elbows. Operate lemon juice on the skin elbow about 15 minutes, then rinse.
- Another affordable recipe: vinegar and yogurt. Mix them in equal proportions, so the composition of the skin massage the elbows on a daily basis.
Author: Julia Gnedina