Tears - it does not matter
 Romance, memories, hormones ... - reasons to cry in the middle of the day we have a lot. It is necessary to learn how to make red, swollen eyes and a huge nose was not given us.

Consequences of tears can be removed in 10 minutes. Although there are cases when you need a few hours to get rid of the traces of tears.

If you have 10 minutes

- Chill.   Moisten your fingers in ice water and massage them for ever: Start from the inner corner of the eye, press on the eyelid skin, move to the outer corner of the eye. If there is ice on hand, such a massage can be done using ice cubes. Repeat the massage several times.

- Yeast cosmetics.   If there is a whey yeast extract - put it on the skin of the eye, it will smooth redness.

- Eye drops.   Drip eye drops such as Visine. Total 1-2 drops in each eye redness, removes proteins completely.

- Red nose, as well as other areas of reddened skin, better disguise yellow concealer .

- Do not use foundation or powder,   to conceal redness. Any additional means on top of the redness will have "the effect of the cake." The only exception - corrector or concealer.

If you have a night ahead
They cry in front of your favorite TV series? Do not fall asleep right away, do so in the morning with tears was gone.

- Again cold.   He will remove swelling and redness. A good way - a package of frozen peas. Put it on 15 minutes on the face.

- Eyes - chilled green tea bags   (cool for 3-5 minutes in the freezer) and leave for 10 minutes on the eyes. Green tea constricts blood vessels, removes puffiness.

- In addition to tea, chilled help slices of cucumber or raw potatoes . The potatoes, by the way, contains enzymes, skin lightening.

- Deep sleep   - An excellent remedy for redness if at night to drink a lot of water, and put his head higher (on a firm pillow), so that the liquid does not create swelling on his face.
Author: Julia Gnedina