Which is better: running or walking?
 It all depends on what the goal is in front of you: losing weight or maintaining the health and good shape.

If you want to lose weight Then run much more efficiently away. And here's why. The average person while running burns 800 calories per hour, in contrast to the distance at which about 300 calories burned per hour.

The advantage of running for weight loss is not the only reason. One study showed that for the same energy consumption runners lose more weight than the supporters away.

In the study, the runners and walkers offer food buffet. As a result, it became clear that walkers consumed after training 50 more calories than burned during the workout. And the runners ate 200 fewer calories than you burn while running. It turns out, running controls hormone that causes appetite.

If your goal - to maintain health Then perhaps you choose walking. Because for this purpose is not so important, you walk or run. Running and walking equally reduce the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and reduce blood cholesterol.

In favor of the walk is also evidenced by the fact that this kind of activity is less traumatic, runners are more likely to have knee injuries, shin. 60% of runners are faced with a variety of injuries.

What to do if you want to lose weight but do not want to run? There is such advice. Walk at a faster pace (6, 5 km / h) and weighting (dumbbells), then efficiency will be virtually the same as when running (8 km / h).
Author: Julia Gnedina