Who like mosquitoes?
 Have you noticed that the mosquitoes attack you more often than others? Perhaps there is a reason. Find it in our short list.

Reason 1. You drink beer. One study on this topic has proved that one bottle of beer can alter the blood and make it more attractive to mosquitoes. What is the appeal of this - and it is not clear. Maybe mosquitoes, too, is not averse to occasionally relax?

Reason 2. You are pregnant.   Pregnant women receive almost twice as much mosquito bites than non-pregnant. The question remains: How mosquitoes find out about your pregnancy? Rather, they feel increased body temperature of women in the state, or the fact that pregnant women breathe 21% more carbon dioxide.

Reason 3. Your blood.   Holders of the first group are more attractive to mosquitoes, they bite 2 times more than the owners of the second group of blood. Holders of the third and fourth groups of the blood - the average in attractiveness to mosquitoes.

Reason 4. You're moving too rapidly. Exercise and physical activity cause the production of lactic acid, which comes out through sweat. Perhaps this taste like mosquitoes?

Reason 5. What is your favorite color. Entomologists say that the insects can distinguish colors, and mosquitoes are looking for black, dark blue and red colors, when they want to "drink" of someone's blood.

According to the materials newser.com, 2013
Author: Julia Gnedina