Four rules for winter shower
 Retain moisture in the skin - one of the most important tasks of winter. Learn how to take a shower to keep the moisture of the skin in winter?

1.   Too hot shower or bath, though pleasant in the cold days, but to resort to them is not recommended. High temperatures just more dry skin and hair.

2.   Shaving in the cold months it is not necessary to trust only the razor and gel shower. Be sure to use a moisturizer for the body. Add it to a shower gel or a shaving aid. It is also possible to use for these purposes a hair conditioner. It softens the skin, makes shaving more smooth, do not injure the skin.

3. For hair in the winter you can use the air-conditioning mask instead of the usual deep moisturizing conditioner. After a warm shower, apply the mask on your hair, the heat activates the agent, and then wash it off with cold water.

4.   Before you take a shower, wash your face and apply a hydrating mask. The steam will enhance the effect of the mask, create a spa effect. To remove the mask, use a warm cloth. Remove the mask, and then rinse your face with cool water. And again - the moisturizer (cream).
Author: Julia Gnedina