10 reasons to love the appliance
 Do you remember your first experience of "dialogue" with the epilator? The first generation of these devices are not so happy. Women noted the strong pain, discomfort and fear of the use of electricity in such an intimate process as shaving body hair.

After these disappointments, many switched to the wax, waxing, too, though unpleasant, painful and time-consuming task. And now the time has come when you can try the appliance again. Because progress does not stand still, and in the sale, finally, a model even for very sensitive skin.

What is the appliance? It is an electronic device that looks almost the same as the men's electric razor. But if the razor cuts the hair, then the appliance pulls the hairs from the skin, working as a pair of tweezers. "But tweezers - it hurts so much! "- Likely to think those who have never used the epilator. This is a clear bias. Below I am going to prove to you that such a thing as the appliance has to be in your beauty arsenal.

So why did I choose the epilator?

1. It's not as painful as it was for the first time.
  Remember, I compared the appliance with a pair of tweezers? Plucking hairs with tweezers, really hurt, but only when the tweezers in your hands and you're trying to pull out of the concentration of the skin excess hair. Epilator - is the simultaneous plucking several hairs, and at very high speeds. Movement epilator so fast that you do not have time to figure out how the plucking. After all the pain - it is often the work of our imagination, and when you do not see the process of pulling the hair, you think less about the pain.

And a little more of the pain. Even if the first application brought to you strong pain, throwing to use the epilator is not necessary. The first application may be more painful than the next. On the third or fourth time the hair on the body will be less, and the skin becomes accustomed to picking. And after the 7-8 second application and the entire procedure will cost at all without pain.

 10 reasons to love the appliance

2. This rapid removal of hair.   This is an important point for the busy modern women. In just 30-45 minutes you can completely treat the entire body. And when you consider that over time, hair growth is significantly reduced, you will not spend more than 10 minutes for all the problem areas of the body.

3. Epilator can be used everywhere.   If you think that epilators created just for hair removal on the legs, it is not. New models of epilators have special mechanisms to remove underarm hair, and even in the bikini area. And it is almost painless.

4. Epilators - portable devices.   They can take with you and use virtually anywhere (of course, observing the rules of etiquette) in the bathroom, or while watching TV. At first, I recommend to use the appliance after a bath when the skin and soften the hairs, the hairs are pulled out easily. After a few applications, maybe a relaxing bath you do not need.

5. Over time, reduced hair growth.   After the first application under the armpits, I had to use the appliance again after 10 days. But after three or four applications of this appliance, the appliance re-use for underarms can be no earlier than 3 weeks! Compare this result with shaving: shaving armpits had in a day. Compared to wax, then waxing - a time-consuming and expensive procedure (a good wax from a trusted brand - it is expensive).

 10 reasons to love the appliance

6. It is cheaper!   Yes, the device itself will cost is not cheap, but we are only talking about the good contemporary models. But it will last at least 5-6 years. And if you compare how much of the time you can spend on razors, waxes, and even laser procedures, - the benefits when buying an epilator is obvious.

7. epilator removes even very short hair.   For wax and shave need longer hairs than the epilator. The appliance is able to get even a very short hairs - no longer than 0, 5 mm.

8. No ingrown hairs!   With epilator such a problem will not be. You will forget about other skin problems associated with epilation: itching, dryness, redness.

9. The color remains the same.   If you are on vacation and you want as long as possible to keep a tan, only the appliance will help you with this. Waxes skinned not only the hair, but also the top surface layer of skin cells, changing its color, and sometimes leaving streaks and uneven suntan. This occurs during shaving, because shaving gels are composed of a strong detergent ingredients that can also lighten the tan.

10. The epilator softens the skin.   You will be surprised, but over time your skin is not only deprived of vegetation, but also becomes softer. Epilator reduces hair growth and new hair grows thin and soft, which makes the skin softer as a whole feels. In addition, the appliance massages and relaxes the skin, it is also good effect on the softness of the skin.

 10 reasons to love the appliance

And as a bonus - a little advice on the use of the epilator Tested on itself:

- If you act on the stretched skin - that the pain will be less. It is important for the armpits, where the skin is relaxed, you have to stretch it a bit.

- To reduce pain, you can go for a trick: use the epilator after shaving or after wax (after a few days). Epilator will pull only the new otrosshie fine hairs, and not all, and the pain will be less.

- Take a bath after epilation - the hair will be relaxed, the hair follicles relaxed - all this reduces the pain.

- Buy epilator modern models, they are a bit more expensive, but have the opportunity to work in the water bath on the gel, using wireless technology, and other benefits.
Author: Vasilisa Cousin