Baby Care - a godsend for us?
 Neither mom will not be used for your baby bad cream or shampoo filled with chemicals. No cosmetic company will not risk releasing funds for children's Skin poor quality, or contain harmful to the skin and hair components. So, maybe we should pay attention to children's cosmetics?

That means children are practically safe, but only a few will argue. But that is right for us women?

Indeed, a great temptation - to take and go to the children's facilities. After all, they are made without any chemicals, allergens, perfumes and so on. It's not just about baby powder, but also decorative cosmetics, which, according to advertising, "like mother, only better."

So what products are suitable for children and a baby, and her mother, and even grandmother?

- Diaper Cream

It's designed so that children did not have diaper rash and skin is not rubbed diapers. Women can safely use this cream for hands, feet. I liked this cream, he helped heal the place on foot, rubbed tight shoes. As a rule, these creams is easily absorbed and non-greasy to the touch, which means you can safely use them under the clothes and underwear, not afraid to spoil them.

- Humidifier

 Baby Care - a godsend for us?

The pediatrician told me to put on a night around the baby crib humidifier to cope with some of the dryness of the skin and relieve allergies. After all, to get the baby to drink more fluids is virtually impossible. The first six months of the baby slept so. I slept next to him. And I notice the improvement of their skin. Gone are dry skin, I said goodbye to chapped lips, forgot about the itching of the scalp, and pleased complexion. And as soon as the baby has grown up, and I went to sleep in another room, again appeared the dryness and itching. So now, I bought a moisturizer even in your room. It is inexpensive. I advise you to sleep in a humidified room.

- Napkins

 Baby Care - a godsend for us?

Again, I begin with a personal experience. Snotty noses - not uncommon in children. For my son I buy special wet wipes (disposable, paper, cream). And somehow I noticed that they all feels almost the same as my wipes for removing makeup. Only my face three times more expensive. And the composition of the baby wipes I trust. So I try it. And now I dwell on them. Hats of makeup, take on the road. And yet it's a great thing for the washing brushes because they do not always have the time to wash them every week as advised by dermatologists. A wipe of the cloth can be easily and quickly, without preparing complex soap. Another purpose - skin hydration during long flights or travel.

- Baby Shampoo

 Baby Care - a godsend for us?

Nothing cleans brushes and sponges make-up is better than baby shampoo! Squeeze some shampoo on your palm, massage brush, and then rinse the brush with water, it will become clear and will remain with the soft. To wash the hair adult baby shampoo, though suitable, but is almost useless, because not be able to clean the hair and scalp from the large amount of sebum and dirt. For infants need a shampoo that just will soften the hair and scalp, a large amount of sebum is they do not.

- Baby powder

If you are afraid of aluminum in antiperspirants and do not really trust them, try baby powder. In addition, baby powder can be used as a dry shampoo. Well it combed better than cornmeal or oatmeal. Another idea with baby powder - to handle her legs to open shoes do not rub hot day.

- Baby Oil

 Baby Care - a godsend for us?

About the fact that baby oil can be used for soft and sexy body skin, we know from the advertisements. So why not use? And if the summer to put baby oil on your feet - that create the effect of a sexual glow. You can add a little baby oil shining powder - here's a modern tool for leather neck and arms.

- Baby cream

 Baby Care - a godsend for us?

This children's product can rightly be put number one. It has helped more than one generation of women. And the men, by the way. Lover home homemade cosmetics using it as the basis for their experiments. And the owner problem skin and does not live without it can not.

- Children's cosmetics

Some baby kit is not only lip gloss (like tinted chapstick) and hypo-allergenic blush. They can be found even concealer and Shimmer. Girls are taught to use the most modern means. But do not rush draw Smoky or "cat's eye", children's make-up completely unstable, a little more pigmented and perform educational role. That is, give an idea of ​​what kind of make-up there. Although no harm do not carry. Dekorativki children like to use pregnant women, they are not afraid of it, for sure.

 Baby Care - a godsend for us?

Author: Julia Shestakova