Beauty-calendar: Winter 2014
 Start the new year - the best time for a change and create your own plan of beauty. Use the recommendations of the beauty-experts to be in good shape all year.

The permanent companion of winter - dry skin. The reason is quite prosaic - indoor hot from the heat radiators, and on the street frost and wind. As a result, the skin is dehydrated quickly, and it cracks and wrinkles. But do not worry - improve the situation in your power!

Change diet

Under the influence of low temperatures of the skin, which is part of the body's urinary system, decreased production of lipids. This special substances that protect it from aggressive external influence "Ice Age." You can fill in lipids with a special power supply, including the essential fatty acids Omega-3.

These acids in abundance found in marine fish (salmon, herring, tuna, sardines, mackerel, "seafood (crab, shrimp), as well as vegetables and crops (cauliflower, spinach, beans). A valuable source of acids is also sesame and linseed oil .

Eat a day, five or six walnuts, included in the diet at least twice a week, serving fish or take special supplements.

Use the "right" makeup

Alcohol lotions, tonics, and soaps and gels containing surfactants and podsushivayuschee components in the cold season under the ban. Instead, these funds purchase and decorative's Skin Care with rich nutrient composition and having a high UV protection factor. If the propensity to "cold allergy" (shades of pink itchy rash on exposed skin) Use with calendula extract, green tea, chamomile.

Be sure to practice once a week facial massage. Sensitive, chapped and inflamed skin will help delicate massage movements on top of professional serums and collagen creams. Skin without obvious problems nourish massage with cosmetic oils (avocado, pumpkin, jojoba and shea butter).

A very effective procedure would warming optionally mineral termomaska ​​calcium sulfate. Its principle of operation is as follows: after curing agents on the face appears a rush of blood, opening the pores. Due to this, the active ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, saturating it with necessary nutrients. In addition, the mask has a lifting effect.

 Beauty-calendar: Winter 2014

Visit the spa-salon!

Prevent fatigue characteristic of the middle of winter, you can with the help of spa-treatments. Excellent choice - a hot stone massage. This procedure warms and relaxes the body. Carried out as follows: preparatory phase - peeling, improves blood circulation, then - the study of the body warmed basalt.

This beauty ritual as laser rejuvenation will be an excellent preparation for the onset of spring. The method promotes natural regeneration of collagen. The result is a supple, toned and radiant skin. The effect of laser exposure is held for three to five months. After a course of treatments at the end of the winter, all spring months you will be on top.

Protect the eyes and lips!

An important point of beauty-beauty in the winter calendar is the skin care of eyelids and lips.

Caring for centuries, which, as you remember, several times thinner than the rest of the facial skin, the application must include the fatty, intense means: creams, masks and serums with vitamins A and E can support the beauty of eyelashes mascara with lanolin, castor oil and vitamins .

As the skin of the lips is very sensitive to weather, it should also pay close attention. Forget about the glitter, choose lipsticks and balms that contain a large number of fat. To prevent the occurrence of herpes on the lips due to a seasonal decrease in immunity, take a multivitamin and provide yourself healthy sleep.

 Beauty-calendar: Winter 2014

Think globally!

If during the cold season legs hidden from prying eyes under thick tights or trousers - that's no reason to forget about eliminating the existing problems. Understand the reasons for the appearance cobwebs and stars on his feet. Visit phlebologist physician for a complete examination. After learning the origins of the problem, proceed to deal with it:

Heading from one to three months of use venotoniki and preparations, strengthens blood vessels. Practice of physical activity: the varicose veins are very useful lessons on a stationary bike, a workout in the pool, as well as exercises that involve bending the legs and swings in the supine position.

A more radical way of getting rid of an aesthetic defect is mikroskleroterapiya. This injection technique. It is used as follows: in the vein sclerosant injected substance having the ability to "seal up" changed parts of vessels, excluding them from circulation. Depending on the complexity of the disease, you may need one to ten injections. The recovery period is recommended to wear a compression bandage and underwear.

Given the seasonal needs of the skin and body, you will be able to effectively confront the age-related changes, look youthful and fresh.
Author: Natalia Bartukova