Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?
 Hair removal bikini area is of particular relevance during the beach season. Still waxing (hair removal wax) remains one of the available treatments. What type of waxing choose, and what is the difference Brazilian waxing from the new Hollywood and French?

Let's start with the fact that not everyone will need these three types of waxing. If you wear a leotard or swimsuit classic panties-shorts, then you most likely will be enough to remove hair out contours swimsuit or underwear, leaving the front triangle of hair. It made less painful and simple.

Brazilian, French and Hollywood waxing suggest more radical hair removal is the right decision for a very open swimsuits, especially to wear thong panties and strings. What is the main difference between these types of waxing?

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

- French   leave a small strip of hair at the front and all the hair back.

- Brazil   It removes all the hair in front and behind, but has its variation, in which the front left a very thin strip of hair. But often the term 'Brazilian Waxing' refers to the complete removal of hair in front and behind, though not always so is.

- Hollywood   Waxing - this is where all hair is removed and the front and rear, and there can be no two readings, so if you ask for in a Hollywood salon waxing, it will mean is the complete removal of all vegetation on the genitals.

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

If you've ever tried to remove hair in the bikini wax, you should not immediately start with the fundamental ways: Hollywood and Brazil. First try to remove hair wax on small plots and such sensitive. Then, once accustomed to painful feelings, you can go for something more radical.

If you never removed in the bikini area is all the hair - the first experience of the Brazilian and Hollywood waxing can be unusual and even not always pleasant. Some girls say they get used to the absolute insecurity in bikinis a few weeks. Therefore council - gradually begins the path to the complete lack of hair (from the partial removal of the hair - to full) - remains relevant.

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

Make a complete removal of hair in the bikini area alone - quite difficult. Therefore it is better to apply to the interior, if your dream - Hollywood waxing. It should be ready for such an intimate process, the master will have to touch the perineum, buttocks and inner thighs. At home you can try to make the French waxing. And if you need a Hollywood waxing - that require skill or help a friend.

Products for waxing bikini Home

- Wax strips.   For example, Ready-To-Use Wax Strips from Veet. Wax strips for legs and body are a good option for hair removal in the bikini area. They are effective for short hair and not more than 2 mm. Effect bikini area lasts about 4 weeks. Apply to be after a little warmed the strip in his hands. Delete - in the opposite direction of hair growth. After - remove wax residues cloth.

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

- Wax.   Now there is no need to prepare their own wax, there are ready-made formulations. For example, Sally Hansen launches a special set for the Brazilian waxing bikini - Extra Strength Brazilian Bikini Waxing & Shaping Kit. The set consists of three reusable spatula, soothing oil, and even a mirror for convenience. Jar of wax can be reheated in a microwave oven (there is a convenient handle).

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

No wonder wax strips for the bikini area are small. In the case of wax should follow the same principle - apply wax sections, then the pain is not severe. How often do waxing - the less pain you will experience each time.

Make sure that you have everything on hand for waxing: the wax, a small wooden spatula muslin cloth, baby powder or talcum powder, lotion after hair removal. To fit the hair wax at least 4-5 mm, the wax was able to catch the hair and pull it out.

First - clean bikini area using antibacterial products. Dry and apply talc or powder. Then a spatula, apply the wax on a small area of ​​skin. Make sure that the wax is not too hot, because there are cases when a woman burned skin wax. Check preferably on the inner side of the wrist. Himself wax should have the consistency of honey.

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

Apply a thin layer of wax should be in the direction of hair growth. Then put on top of the wax strip muslin cloth. Do not hold the wax is too long, so it does not harden. To remove the wax should muslin jerk in the opposite direction of hair growth. As soon as the fall through the strip wax, put his hand to this area of ​​the skin to soothe her.

Repeat to act in such a way as not to remove all the hair that is wanted. After - Apply soothing lotion to the skin after waxing. If there were some hairs - they can be removed with tweezers.

 Bikini Waxing: Hollywood, French or Brazilian?

Bikini waxing without pain: some tips

Finally, a few simple tips to minimize the pain of waxing bikini.

1. Even after correctly performed waxing, skin redness remains. Therefore, bikini waxing spend at least a day before reaching the beach.

2. The lowest pain threshold in the bikini area - 4 days after the critical days. A week before menstruation, by contrast, the pain increases.

3. The successful outcome of waxing provides a good skin condition, it should be peeled and cleaned. However, exfoliation is best done 1 day before waxing so the skin is inflamed and the infection has not been entered.

4. Remove the wax as you exhale, it will feel the pain less.

5. The ice will help reduce the pain and reduce the chance of skin irritation and infections. Wrap the ice in a towel and apply cold to the treated area of ​​skin. Keep no longer than 20 minutes! This ritual also closes the pores, which were discovered in the process of eliminating hair.
Author: Julia Shestakova