Check out how effective your sunscreen
 Days are more sunny and hot. And sunscreen is now - means of must-have for beauticians. You, of course, it is. Either you are in a hurry to the store to buy it. But it is necessary to know how effective the means by which you intend to use for protection against the sun.

So, inspect your sunscreen to decide whether you can rely on them this summer.

As you know, the sunscreen must protect against two types of harmful rays: UVA and UVB. UVB cause sunburn, sunburn and even cause an immediate and visible damage to the epidermis (top layer of skin). UVA-rays have the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin, affect dermis and exert their action over a longer period. This means that the damage to the skin after exposure to UVA is not immediately visible, appear much later, but the main cause of photoaging.

Filter SPF protects against UVB-rays and protect against UVA filters IPD or PPD.

 Check out how effective your sunscreen

With this in mind, we are ready to help you check your sunscreen. It's enough to answer Seven of the most important issues .

1. Does your means of a wide range of protection?
How to determine whether your cream protects against the two types of rays: UVA and UVB? The phrase "cream with SPF» - that's not all. It should ensure that the composition of the ingredients are resistant when photoexcitation. Look for the following names in the list of ingredients: zinc oxide (Zinc Oxide), Tinosorb S + Tinosorb M, XL + Mexoryl Mexoryl SX. Tools offer a new generation and a filter like Mexoplex Helioplex - if it is, the protection cream from exhaustive.

2. Protect your sunscreen you burn?

It is important to know if you intend to be a long time in direct sunlight. For such situations should buy a sunscreen with an SPF index of not less than 50 and comprising one of the active ingredients listed above. You can also recommend a sunscreen labeled "for sports in the open air", as well as waterproof cream (it is usually more stable).

3. Protects your vehicle from any UVA-rays?

Even if you avoid the sun all day, your skin is still exposed to the treacherous UVA-rays. Damage from them do not appear immediately. So you should check your skin regularly for the appearance of new spots and mini-burns. Typically, the harmful effects of UVA manifested through the day. If you see that, despite the application of the cream on the skin, new redness (and it happens a day after exposure to the air), - most likely you will need to go to the store for a new cream, your not cope with the harmful UVA-rays.

 Check out how effective your sunscreen

4. Do not expired shelf life of sunscreen?

Most sunscreens have a decent shelf life - up to 3 years! However, this means that the agent does not change its properties until the packaging is not unsealed. If you have already started to use a cream (such as last summer or last season), then this cream is only effective for a year after it printed.

5. Is you keep sunscreen?

You are doing the right thing, if you take sunscreen with you when leaving the house to nature, the beach, the open sun. After a layer of cream must be constantly updated. But the trouble occurs when a tube of cream for a long time remained under the open sun: on the beach, in the car. In this case the cream can change the effect of the active ingredients that are damaged due to heat. Therefore, make sure that the cream has always been within the cosmetic and possibly lying in the shade.

 Check out how effective your sunscreen

6. What number SPF choose?

Choose products labeled SPF filter in accordance with accepted standards. They provide four degrees of sun protection:

- Very high   degree of protection - factor 50+. Such tools are necessary in tropical and equatorial countries.

- High   - 50, 30. These products need to rest near the water, in the mountains, by the sea.

- Average degree   - Factors of 25, 20, 15. If you spend a summer in the city, as well as under the forest median strip, it is sufficient to protect the middle.

- Low   - Factors of 10, 8, 6. Products with this indicator are for those who spends all day in the room. For products with a low or medium degree of protection can proceed after 5 days of continuous use funds with a high degree of protection.

 Check out how effective your sunscreen

After 35 years, less skin is protected from the sun, so protect her drugs with high and very high.

After bathing, the degree of SPF protection in the reconstituted formulations is reduced by 50%. Filter SPF SPF 50+ turns to 25, and 30 - 15.

7. What is the number of PPD should be?

The degree of filter PPD (or IPD), which protects against UVA-rays should be 1/3 of the index of SPF protection.
Author: Julia Shestakova