Common mistakes at home hair removal
 In the summer one of the most important procedures in the personal care and hair removal are waxing. Showing hidden in the winter parts of the body, we all want our skin was smooth and irresistible. To do this, many of us are turning to the experts in advance of the salons. But it is much easier and more affordable to remove unwanted hair yourself at home. It is only important not to make mistakes. Let's get acquainted with the very common ones.

1. Daily depilation

It is a mistake to believe that in everyday hair removal, they would grow less frequent, if not gradually disappear. In fact, the hair only grow stronger, but the skin is weakened. It is best to use special funds to reduce hair growth.

 Common mistakes at home hair removal

2. Morning depilation

Quickly to shave his legs during a morning shower - a good saving time, but the result of this rapid procedure is poor. The reason is that during the night a little swollen feet, and a razor blade reaches only the top of the hair. During the day, after the passage of edema becomes apparent the lower part of the bristles. Therefore, shaving the legs is better to hold off on an evening that will last longer maintain a positive effect.

3. Long-term use of the blade

In order to save, we often use the same razor blade for a month or even more. But for high-quality shaving blades should be changed at least after 4-5 applications. According to dermatologists, this contributes to less irritation.

 Common mistakes at home hair removal

4. Use the same method of hair removal for different parts of the body

Some of the most "hard" methods of hair removal at home - shaving and waxing. They are best left for the less sensitive areas - the hands and feet. And for delicate skin areas such as face, underarms, bikini area is preferable to use depilatory creams or soft electrodepilator with special nozzles. This will avoid skin irritation, minor cuts and ingrown hairs.

 Common mistakes at home hair removal

5. The use of depilatories without testing

The instructions for use of funds for depilation there are always guidelines for mandatory pre-test the product on a small area of ​​the skin. This is important in order to avoid possible allergic reactions. It is not necessary to save time on testing because sometimes the consequences can be very undesirable.

6. The application of the wax is too hot

Fans waxing can confirm that haste in this procedure is not appropriate. After heating the wax must wait until it has cooled to the desired temperature. Using it is very hot, you can seriously damage your skin.

 Common mistakes at home hair removal

7. Moisturize the skin before waxing

Using any moisturizer before waxing noticeably worsen hair sticking to the wax plate that prevent qualitatively carry out the procedure. Therefore, hydration is recommended after depilation (of any species) to prevent dryness and skin irritation.

8. Staying in the sun right after hair removal

Direct sunlight, as well as scrubs, perfumes, cosmetics on alcohol, may worsen the condition and so irritated skin after depilation. Better to wait a few hours, the skin is calmed and strengthened its protective layer.

 Common mistakes at home hair removal

9. Waxing without cleansing

Although cleaning is not a mandatory procedure before depilation, it allows you to prepare your skin for easy removal of hairs and quality. Use the scrub, we remove the dead cells that prevent access to the roots of the hair. Cleansers with jojoba oil and aloe vera exfoliate dead skin gently and effectively, freeing ingrown hairs.

10. Removal of hair in a hot tub

It argued that steamed in the hot tub is less irritated skin after shaving. But it is worth considering that the skin is softened due to mild swelling and smoother hiding the lower part of the hair. Therefore, the start waxing better after 7-10 minutes, coming out of the hot tub.

 Common mistakes at home hair removal

11. Waxing without special shaving

Quite a large number of female depilation is carried out without the use of creams or gels for shaving, limited only soap, shower gel, or plain water. But it is worth remembering that special means not only protect from skin irritation, and lift every hair, allowing it to remove most effectively.
Author: Albina Rogov