Dry elbows: it's easy to fix
 Cold and dry air, friction of clothes, insufficient peeling - these are the main causes of dry and rough skin on elbows. However, there is no reason to worry, because there is a quick and effective way to combat dry elbows.


Perhaps the main method against any rough patches and peeling of the skin - is thorough and regular exfoliation. Removing the dead and dry skin cells promotes the formation of new, young and healthy, and that layer becomes soft and smooth skin.

Select is a body scrub with natural particles. Another important condition - without alcohol, so that the skin does not Grubel and non-irritating. A good option - scrub with moisturizing components, retains moisture in the skin.

Use a scrub every day as long as the skin is tender elbow. After your skin will become smooth again, use the exfoliation as necessary at the first sign zagrubeniya and dryness.

Sugar scrub:   1 part of a brown sugar and 2 parts of olive oil. Massage, leave for a minute and rinse.

Deep peels

Deep peeling acts on the chemical and physical level. That is, the principle includes exfoliation with abrasive particles and chemically peeling by fruit acids.

Prepare scrub deep action can be yourself. The best part of the following: fresh lemon juice and sea salt. The resulting paste is massaged elbow after taking a shower. Then rinse with warm water and thoroughly moistened.

Lemon Salt scrub:   1 tablespoon olive oil, a tablespoon of the lemon juice, half cup of sea salt. Massage, leave on for 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water. Scrub removes not only dry and rough skin, but also eliminates the dark spots, whitens.


In the case of dry elbows need deep moisturizing. After each exfoliation elbows moisturizes the skin, as well as every day before going to bed. It helps to restore moisture reserves in the skin of the elbows. Choose a moisturizer that contains aloe vera and vitamin E. These ingredients can be bought at the pharmacy and add to your cream.

The simplest versions - a friendly products, which are in each house: olive oil, petroleum jelly, almond oil. Very good reception - wrap. Apply to the skin cubits thick oil, then wrap the elbow portion of cellophane food wrap. Oil will not evaporate, and will have to be absorbed into the skin of the elbows. Hold enough film for 5 minutes.

 Dry elbows: it's easy to fix

Hot hydration

For very rough areas of skin moisturizer conventional oils or cold enough. Take a tablespoon of soft butter: coconut, butter, goose fat and fit. Heat in the microwave for 10 seconds. Then apply warm oil on his elbows and wrap with plastic elbows and a warm towel. Such a warm wrap, you can spend a few minutes, or even to keep for a long time - up to 60 minutes. Once able to enjoy the beautiful and soft skin. Very, very dry skin treated with the night wraps.

 Dry elbows: it's easy to fix


The skin on the elbows thicker than on the rest of hand. And more often faced with the friction of clothing and some items (elbows, we often rely). Partly for that reason, not only the skin thickens, but becomes dark. It looks like this is not very attractive. Therefore, in addition to getting rid of the dryness, it is necessary to fight for a lighter shade of skin on the elbows.

Just a few reasons why dark skin on the elbows - overweight, plenty of sweets in the diet, hormonal imbalance. Therefore, begin to deal with the problem of need, changing diet and habits. Here are the main recommendations:

- Reduce the amount of sugary foods in your diet. Sugar is contained not only in the sweets and desserts, it is mostly processed and canned foods.

- Watch your posture, do not lean on your elbows. Try at least 2 days do not rely on your elbows and you will immediately see the changes in the skin elbows.

- Exfoliate your skin regularly elbows. The remaining dead skin cells not only lead to dryness, and skin discoloration.

- Moisturize skin of the elbows as often as skin.

- 3 times a week massage your skin elbows washcloth.

- Coconut oil and almond - skin benefit, they have no color, so do not lead to browning.

- Use whitening products for darker skin cubits: lemon juice, lime, tomato juice, pomegranate juice with honey, orange. Lime and Orange are more effective than lemon juice!

 Dry elbows: it's easy to fix

- Whole milk - a good moisturizer and whitening product.

- Aloe Vera, Vitamin E - is also lightening components.

- Weight loss significantly improves the condition of the elbow (like the knees). The folds at the elbows make dark skin more noticeable.

All of these methods are also suitable for rough and dry skin knees and feet, they also need sometimes deep peeling, whitening and moisturizing. Especially in winter.
Author: Tamara