Educational program for sunscreen cosmetics
 To purchase a beautiful golden skin tone, not only to find their place under the sun. It is also necessary to attend a selection of quality sunscreen cosmetics and learn to use it correctly!

Most women believe - tanned skin with a touch of bronze or chocolate has always been popular. However, it is not so! Fashion for a tan charismatic introduced Coco Chanel. Once, during a sea cruise, her skin burned by the sun and due to the fact that Coco was already at that time a trendsetter, this trend picked up by avid fashionista. It was a sign of good taste, "wearing" a darker shade of skin, which is also evidence of good health.

Sun exposure is really useful to human health. Under the cascade of sunlight in our body produces vitamin D. Moreover, the bright natural light increases the production of "happiness hormone", which is an advantage. The list of positives sunbathing is possible and finish as long as the list of negative aspects and significant.

Scientists have shown that dark skin tone that falls on our body during the hot summer days is not nothing but a defensive reaction of the skin to the aggressive influence of ultraviolet radiation. Intensive tan weakens the immune system, which may be a portal for the entry into the body of various diseases. For this reason, on the eve of holidays in seaside resorts of the world is not recommended to visit a solarium. In addition to all the above ultraviolet light destroys the structure of the collagen fibers, which leads to photoaging and as a consequence, the appearance of early wrinkles.

Talking about the sad consequences of tanning would not be as detailed as if the modern beauty industry has not introduced the world means capable to deal with the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Now even buy a nice tan can be no harm.

 Educational program for sunscreen cosmetics

Guide to sunscreen cosmetics

High-quality sun cosmetics works wonders, provided that you use it correctly. Not only buy a vehicle with a treasured mark "with SPF» still need to understand the values ​​of the numbers on the label and regulations applying cosmetics.

So, if you plan to swim in the sun at the beginning of the beach season or more, decided to rest in the tropics, you'll need a tool with a value of SPF 50. If you spend the summer in the city and allow yourself a short stay on the beach in the "safe" hours will be enough to buy a cream with SPF value of 30.

Remember, in order to remedy "works" it is necessary to apply generously and thoroughly, repeating the manipulation intervals every two hours and after each bath. So it makes sense to pay attention not only to the value of SPF, and texture agents.

 Educational program for sunscreen cosmetics

Classics of the genre: Cream

Many manufacturers develop sunscreens line is in the form of creams. This is useful for many reasons, chief among them - a thick cream formula is ideal for the inclusion of special filters. But if you do not want to put in the heat so dense means there is a reason to pay attention to other forms of protection.


Compact and dense texture stikovoy cosmetics make its use very limited. In other words, the stick can serve only to supplement other forms of sunscreens. It is convenient to "correct" some parts of the face or body - eyelids, nasolabial triangle, cheeks, décolleté. But when the situation requires more reasonable to pay attention toward the other textures.

Emulsion, lotion, fluid, lotion

These agents generally have the formula lightweight and less greasy texture, rather than a cream. Due to the "strength" of such cosmetics to apply it more convenient and easier, especially when it comes to large body areas. To be confident in the result of the procedure of "fertilizer" spend leather easy sliding movements, slowly moving centimeter by centimeter.


It is an attribute of a sexual fetish. The oil can be recommended for women who have already purchased a beautiful bronze tan, and just want to emphasize it. Sunscreen oil is low, so call it a universal means of protection from the scorching sun complicated. In addition, fatty texture of the vehicle is not always convenient.


This tool - ideal for protecting the skin from UV radiation. Due to ease of application it is possible to qualitatively distributed throughout the body. Modern waterproof sprays, not sticky, light. They are suitable even for oily skin. At present the optimal number of sprays sunscreens, which guarantees a reliable skin care.

High-quality sun cosmetics - a necessary condition for skin care. Do not leave the chance of photoaging! Be beautiful!
Author: Natalia Bartukova