Everything you wanted to know about skin care armpits
 Specialists offered Dove brand new term - PitiCure. This is a game of words, and it refers to "manicure for the armpits." A simply - we are talking about skin care armpits. Find out all you are doing is correct.

Dermatologists point out an interesting detail. According to research by Unilever, is not less than 45% of women are dissatisfied with their underarm skin. Many women have complex about underarm skin, but do not dare to talk about it with friends. Even intimate hygiene is now easier to discuss in the women's communities than skin care armpits. Hence, it is necessary to fill this gap and to tell all about what you want to know.

A little about deodorants

In the selection of deodorants, dermatologists do not believe that there is any single ideal product. And the choice between the spray, roll-on deodorants or Stick - a matter of personal preference by women. And if you want to take care of the skin of the underarms, you should pay attention to the means of the formula and not the form of the release.

Underarm skin is very thin and is more susceptible to injury or irritation. But in this circumstance there is a positive side. The thinner the leather, the faster it absorbs care products. This allows to get results from proper care in a short time. That is why advice on choosing a good deodorant formulas are as follows:

- Choose soft foods that do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens.

- Hypo-allergenic formula is also important.

- Caring properties have a deodorant containing moisturizer, vegetable oil and glycerine.

- As part of deodorant are also important ingredients that prevent darkening of the skin, such as an extract of licorice root.

There are a large number of women who now refuse to deodorants. Mainly due to the fact that they are full of chemical formulas and are not environmentally friendly. As a result of their skin armpits becomes lighter and softer. And they get rid of the smell with a more frequent trips to the shower, as well as disinfecting wipes for hands. It is also possible to use a disinfectant that is used to dry nail polish and conventional tissue paper.

 Everything you wanted to know about skin care armpits


We wash the armpits whenever ourselves under the shower. Sometimes, this process is more than 2 times per day. And so, how it should be ideally:

1. Using a washcloth, clean the skin of the underarms with a gentle cleanser to rid it of dirt, oils and residues of deodorant.

2. Rinse with soap and thoroughly dry the skin armpits. This is an important point that many of us neglect. However, the skin should be dry armpits dry with a towel, because the moist environment is the cause of diaper rash, the growth of bacteria and other skin problems.

3. The third step in the basic care - deodorization. Apply a thin layer of deodorant follows: roller movement up, down and up again. Cycling should be very underarm pit and the space around it, capturing about 5 cm on each side. It is in this area have sweat glands. To soften the skin armpits, get the deodorant in the formula that has glycerin, it will keep the skin moisture for a long time.

Removing underarm hair

Removing underarm hair - the most important ritual of body care. Most women choose shaving or plucking. However, these methods of hair removal are causing the greatest damage to the skin, causing irritation and darkening of the skin.

Why shaving - is not the best option? The fact that when we shave skin, one-third of what we remove razor - is leather. As a result, regular shaving results in a dry and damaged skin of the underarms.

Modern girls are increasingly turning to laser hair removal or waxing. Waxing - more affordable method of the two. Confused only pain during waxing. But the most severe painful reactions you will experience the first two sessions. Then it will be much easier.

 Everything you wanted to know about skin care armpits

No matter which method of hair removal you choose, for each of them "work" the simple rules:

1. The skin surface must be clean. Use a gentle cleanser to cleanse the skin armpits. Application of antibacterial soap unnecessarily, because it leads to excessive dryness.

2. Make sure the razor / tweezers / wax strips - good quality and clean. Razors and tweezers should be disinfected beforehand.

3. Look at your hair and find out in which direction they are growing. Hair removal should be done in this direction. If the act in the opposite direction, that the microbes easily fill the pores, leading to inflammation, skin darkening and clogged pores.

4. The last step in the process of hair removal is a skin moisturizing. A good choice would be a deodorant with moisturizing properties.

Make skin lighter underarms

Dark skin armpits - a common problem. Up to 77% of Asia alone knows what dark underarms. For European women, this problem is not as acute, but still affects almost half of all women.

These tips will help make your skin lighter underarms:

- Avoid shaving underarm hair plucking as well as depilatory creams. All of these methods remove hair on the skin surface and do not affect the entire hair completely. This is one reason why the armpit appear darker. The thin skin shine through hair follicles, the hair base also visible to the naked eye almost immediately after shaving. Plucking, though removes hair from the root, but the process becomes very long and painful.

- If shaving is unavoidable, then try to make this process as gently as possible so as not to scratch the skin and do not leave redness.

- For armpits can try waxing - hair removal wax. This method removes hair at the root. For underarms, you can use wax strips or hot wax.

- Less use deodorants and antiperspirants. These funds are chemical compounds that can cause darkening of the skin under the armpits.

- Tight clothing - one of the reasons the dark skin of armpits. The same thing happens with the dark-skinned knees and elbows, the friction of clothing on the skin leads to a dark and rough skin.

- Do not forget about exfoliation. Every time you take a bath, use a mild detergent - best baby milk or baby liquid soap - as well as loofah.

- If you have exhausted all means - see your dermatologist, perhaps the reason for the peculiarities of your lifestyle, nutrition, genetics. Then it is necessary to solve the problem of cabin air ways.

- Be confident! Dark skin armpits - not a reason to abandon the sleeveless garment. Sometimes the problem is not as serious as you imagine it.
Author: Tamara