Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season
 The feet want to quickly get rid of woolen tights and fur boots! And whether they are ready to ensure that the show itself? Before you program a quick preparation for the season legs open shoes and short dresses.

1. softens and purifies

Start by removing nail polish. Next - foot bath to soften the skin and nails. It will also help tired feet, especially if you wear heels every day. In the tub with warm water, add any softening agent: oil or salt bath. You can buy a product specifically designed for tired legs. Like how Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Soak . This tool with mint soothes and rejuvenates the skin. Keep your feet in the bath for at least 10 minutes. After the bath towel dry feet.

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

2. Exfoliating

During the winter some parts of the legs become very rough. Use a scrub to exfoliate, and for rough areas, you can use a pumice stone or even a soft nail file. Think about that very soon have to wear sandals, so treat all dry and calloused skin.

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

A good scrub can be made with their own hands. Mix white sugar (sand, 1 cup) baking soda (2 tablespoons), olive oil (2 tablespoons), honey (2 tablespoons). It is possible to add vitamin E oil or jojoba oil. This scrub can be used once a week, the skin will not only immediately shelled, but soft and supple.

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

3. Pete

Who said that the mask - only for the face? For the legs, too, sometimes need to do a hydrating mask. Ready-made or hand made. For example, the mask for the feet Lush Volcano Foot Mask   (from volcanic clay) exfoliates, softens the skin, eliminates odor and refreshes tired skin. Simply apply the mask on clean dry feet, rest it for 10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

4. Make a pedicure

Trim nails. When wet, making it easier. Trim should strictly across, and then only slightly rounded sharp corners to prevent ingrown toenails. Use a brush to clean nails after clipping.

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

5. Moisturizing

Post-winter moisture should be more plentiful than in the summer. Therefore causing a moisturizer for the feet, massage your foot further and eggs, the cream is well absorbed and get rid of dry cracked skin.

6. Apply the nail polish

It's time to polish your nails and apply trendy shade of nail polish. And you can say that we are ready for the season of sandals.

To keep it for long periods through every day update it with a layer of clear varnish. Before applying color polish also cover the nails protective transparent layer to protect the nails from yellowing. Try not to wear stockings, tights and shoes for every 30 minutes after the lacquer coating will then stay for a long time.

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

If you visit the pool, then you should pay more attention to the legs, to keep them healthy. Chlorine destroys the nail polish. Therefore, protect it with a layer of clear coat. After the pool is required to apply cuticle oil to moisturize the skin and to neutralize the chlorine, if he stayed.

7. do makeup for legs ...

You've heard that now make up the term refers not only to the individual but also to the entire body? There were suitable products, which correct skin of the feet. It concealers and bronzers and tanning agents and clarifying lotions. Today, these funds should be every girl. Look for new products, and buy some of them to fly.

Sunburn makes the legs more slender, attractive. Artificial tanning - an excellent and healthy decision. Follow simple rules applying bronzer (it means Flushed Away), or self-tanning (more resistant, lasts as long as the colored layer will peel skin is not):

- Always start with exfoliation;

- Be sure to apply moisturizer on your knees and heels. Only to be used in the oil-free moisturizing lotion basis because oil prevents the even application of tanning;

- To avoid missing areas of skin, apply the cream-tanning mitt or sponge-wide applicator.

Optionally, once at the beginning of the summer have a layer of self-tanning, and try one more time (not proof) versions. For example, using a spray-tanning bronzer or toning (less resistant agent). They not only make the skin tan, but also glow effect of the so-called "stocking".

 Sexy legs: getting ready for beach season

  MAC Face and Body Foundation (foundation for the body and face), bronzer Spray Garnier Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer Dry Body Mist (application on dry skin).
Author: Tamara