Goosebumps, brrr!
 Goosebumps - not such a rare phenomenon. Many girls suffer from this flaw. What is it? Should I run to the dermatologist and can I get rid of the unpleasant pimple?

What is the goose bumps

Scientifically, it sounds like keratosis pilaris. It is a skin condition in which there are some areas in the form of rough skin with small tubercles. Such sites goose bumps most often appear on the hands, hips, sometimes on the cheeks and neck and so forth. Sites.

Outwardly, it looks not very nice. But it is worth to say that women are more likely to exaggerate the unattractiveness, men rarely pay attention to it, and this flaw does not interfere with the ladies to be elegant and desirable. But this does not mean that they stop in their desire to get rid of the goose bumps.

Gooseflesh (in some countries it is called "chicken skin") occurs when the dead cells and proteins in the skin, known as "keratin" accumulate and block the hair follicles. So there are these tiny red or white bumps. These bumps are absolutely harmless, so do not worry, though, and bring a lot of unpleasant emotions girls.

Where does goosebumps?

Genetics plays a most important role - according to dermatologists. In most cases, a person goosebumps acquired during the first decade of life. And often you can hear the "I have a childhood", this correct observation, but, most likely, at the very birth of goose skin was not.

However, there is good news. In most cases, the pimples and bumps fade with age. This process begins from about 30 years, and completed by 40-45 anniversary. But it is unlikely to calm the young girls who want to be beautiful, "here and now". For them, there are a number of approaches to the treatment of the symptoms of "goose bumps."

The definition of the diagnosis

Sometimes the "goose bumps" is confused with other skin diseases. So, before you start treatment, it should be correctly diagnosed. Goosebumps recognize the following main features:

1) The condition of the skin does not bring any pain;

2) It does not cause itching;

3) does not change throughout the year and there is a child.

Goosebumps confused with contact dermatitis, skin rashes, allergic reactions of the skin. But the main feature of goose bumps - it does not change, does not "come and go". If this constancy you have not, then before you do not goose bumps, and any other disease of the skin.


The main question that interested girls - amenable to treatment you goose bumps? Dermatologists say that the use of the right products and proper skin care can greatly facilitate this skin flaw, and in some cases, completely get rid of it.

 Goosebumps, brrr!

1. Peeling.   Regular exfoliation is strongly recommended. Exfoliation should combine physical exfoliants (scrubs), and chemical (any product that is composed of glycolic acid, glycolic acid). Such a serious approach will smooth even the most dry and rough skin, get rid of goose skin.

2. Massage.   Resort to it whenever taking a shower. Squeeze shower gel on a loofah and massage the area with her goose bumps, circular movements for 2 minutes. After the shower, apply a peel-serum, which contains a good concentration of glycolic acid (20%). Only then apply your favorite moisturizing lotion for the body. Repeat the process every day, and soon will see a smoother, more radiant skin in the place where once was rough with bumps goose bumps.

 Goosebumps, brrr!

3. Avoid salicylic acid.   You should check all of their gels and scrubs. They should not have any ingredients that cause dry skin. Typically, products designed for treatment of acne and acne - they contain salicylic acid, which exfoliates deeply into the pores. But this is only the goose bumps even more active growth of tubercles, because dead cells accumulate and grow.

4. Avoid soap.   We are talking about ordinary soaps that dry the skin. Baby soap or cream base to the prohibition does not apply. Generally speaking, it is best to remove all detergents which foam well.

5. The sun, sea and water - our best friends.   This slogan is directly suitable if you want to get rid of the goose bumps. Sea water, swimming, sand and moist air good for the skin, stimulating its renewal. With the sun need to be cautious, better to prefer a morning tan. But many women say that it was after a trip to the sea, they have coped with the problem of goose skin. There are also good results and after a visit to the solarium. But in the summer it is possible to take the natural sun.

This too shall pass

As mentioned above, the goose bumps - this is not a problem that you have to live life. With age, it goes from 30 years. However, regular exfoliation and care will help you forget about the troubles at full you will not get rid of it as long as the age-related changes begin. And it is worth remembering that as soon as you stop to focus on areas of the skin with dimples, goose bumps "returns".
Author: Vasilisa Cousin