Hair, nails, skin: to recover after the winter
 Cold back down, but leave behind dry skin and dull hair. Let's deal with it, to meet spring days in a good mood.

Before each winter dermatologists warn that survive the aggressive good time of year to help hydration. However, by the end of the cold season, the lack of moisture is still making itself felt, in spite of good care. And you have to start all over again, to be attractive in the spring and fresh.


In winter, the scalp produces less oil. Dryness added daily hair washing with shampoo. Try to arrange a 2-3 day without shampoo, and these days spend rinse with warm water and air conditioning. This will help to quickly restore the lipid balance of the scalp.

Another problem, which leaves behind the winter - static electricity hair in cold weather. Get rid of this will leave-in conditioner (available as a spray), which should be used immediately after the release of the soul. And be sure to drying hair dryer. Deeply moisturizing hair mask once a week - is also an effective means.

Express agent.   How to help your hair in a short time? Buy at the pharmacy vitamin E oil and comb your hair with it before washing.


Beauticians isolated phenomenon of the skin after the winter as "dependence on lip balms." Excessive use of lip balm has the opposite effect. Balm creates a barrier on the surface of the lips, which is becoming too dense. As a result, the skin loses moisture of the lips, because on the surface of the skin creates a dense film, do not miss any beneficial ingredients.

But the problem there is a solution. Dermatologists and cosmetologists are advised to choose a moisturizing lip balms that contain lipids. These substances create a temporary barrier is gradually absorbed and heal the skin. Unlike lip balms with menthol or persistent formulas that can not be used in the cold season.

Express agent.   Plain petroleum jelly will help to quickly restore the skin of the lips. Apply it every evening at least an hour, this tool will not allow lick your lips and protect against dry air.

 Hair, nails, skin: to recover after the winter

The facial skin

To restore the skin will have a little time off from their usual means. One reason - a skin fatigue. Another reason is that some products contain chemicals which dry the skin. This is especially true anti-aging, they eliminate the wrinkles, but a large concentration of anti-age ingredients does not allow the facility to have a moisturizing qualities.

Skin regeneration is that the time to move only wetting agents, without the anti-aging effect. In such products should contain the most effective moisturizing ingredients such as ceramides, lactic acid, peptides, glycerol.

Express agent.   Vitamin E oil to help very quickly. Add a few drops of oil in the tonal resources and's Skin creams.

Leather body

Try to restore the skin of the body to move in a very mild detergent. Distinguish them easily: it is, as a rule, are not foaming agent. Another tip: spend a dry exfoliation once a week. This will help keep skin and fat balance, and the skin of the body will absorb more moisturizing ingredients of lotions and creams.

Express agent.   Invest in a humidifier for your bedroom. Suppose that at least during sleep skin loses moisture.


Dryness of nails - a common problem after the winter days. Use special tools to moisturize cuticles. At the same time, note that oil moisturize better than lotions. At night should wear gloves to remedy worked all night.

Express agent. Average olive oil from the grocery supermarket works no worse than the expensive manicure oil for cuticles.


If you are talking about the general recovery after the winter, you can not forget about the food. Recovery must not only externally but also inside. The simplest thing you can do to recover from the dry winter and aggressive - is to include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. Salmon, sardines, tuna, almonds - these products help the body fight inflammation caused by dryness.

There are other important vitamins that help sprang after winter. This vitamins C and E. They are contained mainly in citrus fruits, red peppers, broccoli, sunflower seeds, nuts. And do not forget the element as biotin. This vitamin stimulates cell growth, which has slowed down during the winter. Biotin is in the egg yolks and peanuts.

Express agent.   Drink plenty of drinking water, because our cells are composed primarily of ordinary water.
Author: Tamara