How to choose the appliance?
 Every woman wants to have a smooth and beautiful legs. And on the way to this desire is often the problem of unwanted vegetation. Getting rid of it can be in many ways, but still many prefer hair removal. Its advantages are obvious: easy, fast, convenient, the effect lasts long enough and the procedure can be done at any time and at home. The main thing - to choose a suitable epilator. And how do we now explain.

The principle of operation of epilators is approximately the same: using movable metal plates forming tweezers, pulling hairs comes from the root. As a rule, modern epilators have multiple speed modes. The lowest speed appropriate to remove the roots of thin and soft hair, as at higher speeds they break off and break. High speed is suitable for thick and stiff hairs, besides taking advantage of this feature, you can greatly reduce the time of the procedure.


If you decide to buy an epilator, give preference to products known brand. After saving a couple of hundred rubles and bought an unknown device, you may be disappointed with the result. Besides, making a purchase at a specialty store and picking has already established itself on the market the brand, and you will get a warranty card. This will give you the right in case of failure to return or replace the goods.

 How to choose the appliance?

The main function

First of all, the appliance must be qualitatively perform its main function - to remove unwanted hairs. Note that the qualitative model are one or two series of pairs of discs (tweezers) and 2-3-speed mode. Such models can help you remove hairs of any length and in any place. The advantage will be the presence of a floating head, it worked perfectly in tight spaces, besides hair removal made using such a model would be better and less time consuming.

Useful gadgets

We have branded epilators models of different price categories, mainly the price depends on the number of additional features and "widgets." Since hair removal procedure is painful enough, many companies are paying attention analgesic functions. Naturally, this increases the price model. If you are not particularly sensitive to pain, you can easily do simple model. If your skin is sensitive, it is suggested to look for models with devices to reduce pain. Among them are:

Shavers, equipped with removable containers.   Before the procedure, the container is filled with water and frozen, thus during epilation area of ​​skin exposed to the pincers to be cooled, which significantly reduces pain. By the same token epilators are equipped with a function of "blowing" - to the irritation during hair removal epilator place "blowing" air cooling.

 How to choose the appliance?

Shavers with massage nozzles.   Special "fingers" massage heads and relax the skin, thereby relieving pain. According to many women it is this feature is best suited for sensitive skin and pain.

Shavers with a nozzle "for beginners."   This nozzle has a smaller number of exciting hair tweezers, so although the procedure takes more time, but it will be less painful. By the way, this attachment is easy to use the epilator in the sensitive areas of the skin. For example, in the armpits.

 How to choose the appliance?

By the way, some ladies have already chosen the appliance without any "widgets", go to the trick - so prepare the skin for hair removal and possible means at hand. So, you can put a towel in the refrigerator, and before epilation attach it to the desired location to cool the skin; You can also use any other cold object. Instead, you can use the massage nozzles and own fingers - hesitated to relax the skin before the procedure.

A useful feature is the presence and trimmer epilator. That it will help to remove ingrown hairs. Also sells a model with reservoirs moisturizing gel or anesthetic, analgesic with vibrating attachments and even ... with flashlights.

 How to choose the appliance?

When selecting the epilator pay attention to what he works on AC or battery power. Battery - more portable, but running on the network model is often more reliable and durable. There are also hybrids - they are the most comfortable, but are a bit more expensive. The choice depends on your desires and resources.
Author: Jan Kolosovskaya