Look at your age?
 Went once in a minibus, to be honest, it's convenient. And do not be afraid of the old "gazelec" - we are almost there, they have long been replaced quite comfortable "Dolphins" and "Bogdan" ... But it's actually not the case. What happened next is best divided into individual pictures.

Scene One. Hero of the first (or rather, the heroine)

I sit quietly behind himself, to go far .   On one of the stops includes two human .  Man and woman .  First squeezes (barely being located) is very full elderly (as it seemed to me) woman .  With a shopping bag, as expected, bent almost double, dressed in some baggy dress, graying hair hanging dirty tatters .  Some of the passengers succumbed to her place, and she carefully squeezed into the seat, caught her breath, otfyrkalas .   I was pretty sure that it is not less than 65 .  Why is it decided? Because in my environment is quite a lot of ladies of this age .  Some like this, and look, I can not blame - I do not know how I would look at their age .  So it looked - and .   But there is something hooked my opinion .  I looked closer and realized that I was wrong 20 years! This woman was a fortysomething .   If you look closely, you could see that there was almost no wrinkles (only the "crow's feet" around the eyes), I saw a gentle (though puffy) skin, so that the woman was clearly not the elderly .

Scene Two. Hero II

Following the woman he went to the man. Slim, straight back, shoulders deployed, wearing inexpensive (quite the contrary), but according to the season and matched the size of things - light comfortable shorts, T-shirt instead of barbed shopping bags - a convenient package. We quickly came in, looked around, and all eyes turned away, trying to get a girl sitting in the front seat, slightly waved and smiled. We quickly passed the travel and everything. All assembled quickly, without disturbing anyone. In my gaze, a man was nearly 70.

Painting third. Almost oil. Sailed

A woman at that time digging into packets, bags, looking for something ... Finally, in one of the packages showed purse. Again, panting and digging, found in him the money for the trip. At this time, the next stop is already logged more people, and a man approached her, but stood back. Just "on the road" of money to the driver ... "Son, tell the travel ..." - breathlessly, tearfully unhappy woman who is forced to go to the market and drag bags to go home ... "Sonny" turned. .. Oil Painting ...

Most of the road sat a woman with a face the color of a ripe tomato and looked out the window, without turning to the smiling passengers. Interestingly, and then she did something to look at your real age? ..

And yet, what defines our age? That, as we age the biological tests with squatting, pulling hand, our appearance (including clothing for his age, gray hair and weight)? Or something else? Why does a person (usually a relatively healthy) feels like an old man of 20, 30, 40 years? Most interesting is that the real age does not determine anything here. A person 20 years of age may be extinct opinion, and it can feel like an old man. That feeling, because the old man he really is not.

Of course, we are not talking about sick people (in our time the concept of the patient and a healthy person is relative), though my understanding of the disease - a reflection of our lack of love for yourself and disagreement with the outside world. But apparently healthy people, and that is very disappointing, pretty young and pretty woman bent under the weight problems and appearance (and that terrible - internally) become almost old women.

What to do if the burden of problems pressing down with excess weight? I do not want anything but standard - to survive, and life - certain actions that you make automatically, and you absolutely do not care about the world beyond these actions. I'm not going to prescribe pills (yes they have nothing to do with), I will not advise to do exercises and dress according to age. Not all and not everything can be done. While this is debatable. But maybe someone will think. And if you think about - this is a zero step for change. And if the zero step done, it can be done ...

First step

 Look at your age?
 First of all, I understand - yes, it is! And ... look in the mirror! It is a necessity. Realize like a woman with extinct eyes and bent shoulders. And I realized that it - not you! You - tucked away deep inside the child, curiously looking at the world! And this child very badly inside, he wants to shine in your sly glance, a smile peep (no, not a standard smile, "All OK!"), And in a joyful smile world. The world outside - is harsh and cruel, but he is and kind, gentle, full of beautiful ... and it's fine to see, it is necessary to realize and feel that it is worth living.

The second step

 Look at your age?
 Learn to smile .  How? First, just to stretch his lips in a smile standing in front of a mirror .  Well? Yeah, not really .  The smile should not only involve the lips - the main thing is the eyes .  But the eyes you do not want to smile .   Try to remember when was the last time you had a good .  It can be any pleasant memory .  No memories, except for childhood? Well, remember childhood! Does not help? The most simple advice - buy a collection of jokes, or look for them online, but in the end, turn on the channel Petrosyan .  No, Zadornov not need to - there is laughter through tears, better Petrosyan .  ABOUT! You laugh? Quickly to the mirror and fix expression, the tension of the facial muscles and expression of the eyes .  Reported? Now relax, close your eyes and try to smile .  Happened? No? Then repeat again .  The result of the second step will be your smile - light, soft, sometimes ironic, sometimes happy .  That's when you can just happily smiling - the second step has been taken .

The third step

 Look at your age?
 Keep your back! Yes, keep your back! Posture largely determines the age, smooth straight back already makes you younger, tighter and collected. What should be the attitude? The head proudly raised (but not in any way inclined forward and laid back), shoulders deployed and slightly lowered, stomach in, buttocks slightly tucked under. One of the mistakes - well aside ass back to highlight the "waist". As a result - the tension in the back and lower back pain that forced then "bend". Remember as a child became a wall. Here and repeat this exercise. Forced against the wall, fix this situation and try to be like that. And about a book on the head will not even resemble - it really makes straighten the back, so good thick volume should look and sound like him around the room (not once, but what do you expect?).

And do not forget about the mirror! Reflected in it - it's just a reflection, but that you see the rest.

Of course, there is still a hairstyle, makeup, clothing, gait ... In order to comply with the word "woman" for a long time and needs a lot of work, especially if you are temporarily forgotten about it. But the result is worth the effort. The reward will be in a good mood, feel better, and most importantly, you can hear: "Girl, pass, please." And smile back.
Author: Natalia Room