Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat
 Hot weather often does not allow to look respectable and elegant. The hair becomes greasy makeup "floats", the skin releases a lot of sebum. Is there salvation? For life goes not only to the beach - many to work and look at the same level.


1. Salvation - in salt spray . It turns out, it means not only to make a beach wave like Gisele Bundchen. To protect the roots of the hair from the sweat to wet the roots, apply spray salt spray, then blow dry. This will add a little volume and the roots will not absorb sweat and oils during the day.

Incidentally, the salt spray may be prepared independently: Mix water and sea salt, put the liquid into a spray bottle. In 220 ml of water - 2 teaspoons salt and 1 teaspoon of hair conditioner.

 Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat

This is useful to you spray and wave to the beach (wet the hair spray and braid braid or make a bundle). And it facilitates the laying of the newly washed hair and shoving. Just apply a little spray on dry hair.

2. If your hair is long, the a high beam or a high ponytail   get rid of sebaceous sweat because the hair near the neck. Look at the high beam on Jennifer Lawrence Award Independent Spirit Awards. French braid, braided from below (from the neck) up to high beam or tail on the end - is also an option that allows you to go even in very hot weather, no greasy hair.

 Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat

3. Make your own Hair Spray Which will continue to cool you, in a spray bottle, add a little hair conditioner and a few drops of essential oil of mint. Rinse the spray is not necessary. It will make it easier to comb and give the hair invigorating chill of peppermint.

4. Try to do summer without hairspray It deprives them of moisture and more heat in the sun. Alternatively, use a novelty - varnishes Air-Control, which allows the hair to "breathe." For example, Aveda Air Control Hair Spray.

 Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat

5. Do not forget about such a product as the dry shampoo . It will allow a few minutes to turn the hair dry and clean, if you want. Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo.


1. Cool face on a hot day can help Spray water . A good option cooling - it sprays with the addition of mint or eucalyptus. By the way, this product can also make your own hands if you can not buy in a store. Plain clean water with the addition of mint tea or mint broth suitable as an alternative to the purchased spray. Mint has a cooling effect, tones the skin and activates the brain minty flavor cold receptors.

2. For very hot days, when make-up can not be avoided, set up special powder with cooling effect . For example, M.A.C. Magically Cool Powder, it is a part of the compound, which upon evaporation cools the skin, not allowing her to perspire heavily.

 Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat

3. Cool off really simple trick helps - ice Attached to the wrist or neck. Order a drink in a cafe with ice and a glass of iced attach to the pulse - this will cool the body. The other method - use the power of fragrances. For example, the mojito flavor makes you feel more calm and relaxed, and no sweating.

4. In the summer in hot weather cleansing of the skin at the end of the day   It should be more careful. Because particles of dry skin, the remnants of sunscreen and cosmetics, sweat and dirt are deposited deep in the pores. The next day, clogged pores will provoke sweat and oil. Every night, clean the skin with a soft scrub to the next hot day did not feel the heat and redness in the face.

5. Keep all cosmetics on summer days in the refrigerator Including creams and lotions. It will make a big deal for cooling and efficiency of resources.

 Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat

- Chilled cream instantly tightens dilated blood vessels, causing redness.

- Lipsticks are more pliable when applied, if they are stored in the refrigerator. This is because the heat activates the solvents in the composition of the lacquer, this temperature difference is much easier to work with varnish. Lacquer layer is more uniform, they dry quickly.

- Perfumes summer is also better to keep in the cold. Temperatures above 24 degrees can change the quality of perfume and shorten the time of his life up to one year. If you keep the flavor in the fridge - it increases the shelf life of up to 5 years.

- After Sun Lotion, if kept in the refrigerator, will bring significant relief to the skin after the beach. It should also be kept in the refrigerator the gel of aloe vera, green tea to help yourself with sunburn.


1. Use Waterproof products   in hot weather, they are less likely prone to "meltdown" of the heat.

2. If the top of the liner or lipstick applied a layer of transparent powder Then these products will stay much longer than "shall flow" from the heat.

3. For lovers of new products - try a new product - Spray holding makeup   (Makeup setting spray). Essentially, this product is similar to hairspray, but gluing particles therein at lower concentrations, so there will be no stickiness, and only persistent effect. This spray gives the make-up of resistance to additional 1-2 hours, according to makeup artists. Example - Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray.

 Makeup, hair and skin: it does not melt in the heat

Author: Vasilisa Cousin