Objective: To get rid of cellulite
 About cellulite already written volumes, not less. But the problem gets smaller. Each woman will sooner or later encounter with him. What to do? Of course, it will be looking for clear explanation and simple recipes. On these we recommend to read.

There are at least Ten major causes of cellulite .

Especially this list should be of interest to those who have not yet felt the all the "charms" of orange peel on the hips.

• Hormonal contraceptives
• Varicose
• Passive lifestyle
• Stress
• Tight clothing
• High heel
• Lack of oxygen
• Poor posture
• Malnutrition
• Age-related changes

And now for the simple recipe to combat cellulite.

 Objective: To get rid of cellulite
Regular massage removes cellulite forever! - So I read in one article about the issue. Experts, it appears, agree. Just one clarification. As soon as you stop doing regular massage, a long break in the cellulite will return again. Therefore, do not neglect the regularity! Massage allows you to get rid of fat, driving blood. If you can not visit the salon - home use massager or do yourself manually intensive self-massage.

But not inside. Anti-cellulite creams containing caffeine to be most effective. Caffeine reduces the swelling around the fatty deposits, making the skin smoother. But here is the problem - the result does not last forever. And only for the time during which you use a cream with caffeine.

And this is - in. Eight glasses of water a day, plus a glass of water for every glass drunk wine or beer (this is for those who like to relax on vacation in the summer), plus a glass of water for each cup of coffee (coffee dehydrates, is to compensate for the lost moisture). In the summer a lot of products that contain a lot of liquid, - a watermelon, for example. But the salt and sugar is better to abstain, these substances are enough to purchased products.

 Objective: To get rid of cellulite
This is - a good alternative to expensive anti-cellulite and firming cream. Therefore, even the girls with a modest budget to fight cellulite is quite expensive.

- Anti-cellulite wrap with sea salt
Take the 1, 5 cups of sea salt and mix it with a glass of hot water. Stir and add 1 cup of olive oil. You can also add a few drops of essential oil with anti-cellulite properties (such as lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine). When the mixture has cooled, take a hot shower, rubbing the problem areas with a hard brush, and then apply the wrap wet and steaming skin. After 15-20 minutes, rinse and apply the mixture with any nourishing cream. Repeat this twice a week.

- Anti-cellulite body wraps with black clay
  Take 400-500 grams of clay and mix with warm water. Add a few drops of an essential oil or 1-2 tablespoons olive oil or any other vegetable oils. Mix well and apply the same as in the previous recipe.

- Anti-cellulite body wraps with coffee
Mix half a cup of ground coffee with the same amount of salt. Add a spoonful of brown algae and 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply the resulting cream on problem areas and massage the skin. Then - rinse after 20 minutes, and moisturize the skin.

Naturally, you need to move. The best activity against cellulite - not believe, also the most affordable. This walking and jogging. So - do not fall into deperssiyu of orange peel (by the way, depression and stress - one of the causes of cellulite, remember the list at the beginning of the article). While not completely get rid - wear maxi and luxurious Pare on the beach. But after a month of anti-cellulite body wraps, activity and diet we will not find out!

 Objective: To get rid of cellulite

Author: Your Tamara