On the dark circles under eyes
 Dark circles under the eyes and swelling - a fairly common cosmetic problem.

Probably all at certain times suffer from dark circles under the eyes. Dark circles may be safe side effect of allergy or other disorder of the body. In some cases, they are inherited. Less dark circles under the eyes may indicate a large medical disorders. However, there are proven ways to reduce these cosmetic flaws.


Dark circles may be caused by various factors including heredity, but not limited to it. Skin tone and the level of transparency in the eye can also cause dark circles because the capillaries are very close to the skin surface.

Weak capillaries can "pass" the red blood cells to the skin, which is a sign of bruising. As soon as skin enzymes begin to re-absorb the blood cells, the remaining elements become blue-black hue, and this, in turn, leads to dark circles under the eyes.

Excessive sun exposure may enhance the dark circles, and is thus the source of the allergy. In fact, the dark circles in small children often point to allergic problems. They increase with age because over the years, the skin becomes thinner and more transparent.

In rare cases, poor nutrition (including the lack of vitamins A, C and E or iron deficiency) may aggravate the problem. Certain medications, like birth control pills, can expand the capillaries, making dark circles more noticeable.


Because in some cases, dark circles under the eyes may indicate a health problem, you should pay attention to their physical condition, if they appeared suddenly. Liver problems and allergies can also cause dark circles under the eyes.
If you notice other symptoms associated with the appearance of dark circles, immediately contact your doctor. These may include fever, skin rash or shortness of breath. Women need to know that dark circles can be associated with the menstrual cycle. Hormones in this time become active, the skin turns pale and the circles become more visible. Many women also experience a loss of iron during menstruation, but also noticed swelling of the face during the premenstrual period - all this makes the bags under the eyes more visible.

Misconception about the problem

The general misconception about the dark circles under the eyes - is that they are caused by lack of sleep. In fact, just the lack of sleep makes your skin paler, which puts emphasis on the dark circles, making them more visible.

Another incorrect assumption that the pregnancy (in some cases, hormonal shift) is the cause of dark circles.

Speculation professionals

Currently, there are sufficient funds to deal with dark circles. However, they can be ineffective for people with allergies or excessive pigmentation problems. For best results, choose products that contain alpha acids, which thicken the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles.


Another way to reduce the appearance of dark circles - use natural products. For example, use warm tea bags (unsweetened black tea) can help because caffeine constricts blood vessels under the eyes. You can also try to impose a cucumber ring on the eye. Another option - a cucumber cut into tiny cubes and massage of the area under the eyes.